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You, and the Fabric of the Universe

Written by Admin    on May 28, 2013

It's a sunshine-filled morning in May and I'm in a conference room with some highly committed, energized volunteer managers from local non-profits. We're getting their thoughts and suggestions about some of the changes coming with SHARE 2.0. 

On my left is Lynn Miller with Eagle Rock Camp, a small non-profit serving veterans. Her volunteer needs are relatively small but highly specific. To my right is Henry Justice with Blumenthal Performing Arts. They have over 500 volunteers serving in a wide range of roles. 

But even though Lynn's and Henry's organizations are very different, they have one particular need in common. In fact, most of our Charlotte non-profits need the same thing. They need you. They need you take a step forward and raise your hand to engage 

We love Ben Affleck's take on helping others. What do you say? Let's change our little part of the universe! - Kimberly