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You're almost home

Written by admin_1    on October 23, 2014

We have so many new Neighbors and friends (thank you!) that we decided to share this post from July 2013. It's still so very true!


When I was a kid we moved from one side of town to another. Not a long distance, but close enough to a city bus stop so that my mom's commute to work would be much easier. Still, it seemed like a major move to a 7 year old. To help us get used to the idea, every time our travels  took us past our soon-to-be new neighborhood, Mom would say "See? If we lived there we would already be home."

The same thing applies to joining us at SHARE Charlotte. If the words "join" or "sign up" sound like a process or a me, it's not. The distance between you and full access to SHARE's growing Collection of Good is literally a few keystrokes. 

We made it simple because we want you here. We want you to have a quick and easy way to see where you and your family fit into philanthropy in Charlotte. Give it a try. We think you'll find some non-profit organizations right here in our city that truly touch your heart. We think you'll feel like you're already home.  ---- Kimberly