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Behind the Scenes: Heart Math Tutoring (part 2)

A note from SHARE: This is Part 2 of a 2-part guest post from our friends at Heart Math Tutoring. Part 1 gave the full scoop on the critical needs their volunteers address (check it out here). This final post will give you the low-down on exactly what it’s like to be a tutoring volunteer.

Why math tutoring? Isn’t literacy more important?

Literacy is certainly very important! Math is important, too. Lack of math proficiency can quickly become a barrier to a student’s academic self-confidence at an early age. Algebra is a graduation requirement, and studies show that students who fail algebra on the first try have very little chance of recovering.

Heart’s curriculum focuses on math because of the ease with which volunteers can make a meaningful impact through simple hands-on activities and games. In part, this is because Heart’s curriculum is paired with research-based assessments that help us target the individual conceptual needs of each student.

I have tutored before, and I am a very busy person who wants to make sure my time is being well-used. How does Heart make sure my time is not wasted?

With Heart, you walk into the school, check in at the school office, and report to the tutoring room. Once in the tutoring room, you get out your student’s folder, turn to the next lesson in the Concept Notebook, and get out the materials which are organized on Heart’s cart. All of that takes 5 minutes.

Next, you retrieve your student from class and walk back to the tutoring room. You spend 25 – 30 minutes doing the activities in the Concept Notebook, which read like a board game. Typically, a student and tutor get through ~3 activities in a 30 minute session, but you can go at the student’s pace – faster or slower.

After 30 minutes, you take your student back to his/her class, return to the tutoring room, and clean up the materials. Record in the student’s folder where you left off in the Concept Notebook, and your job is finished for the week.

Over the course of the year, you will see your student progressing through several Concept Notebooks, gaining skills and the ability to speak confidently about what he/she knows. Without wasting time and without wondering what you are supposed to be doing, you are helping a struggling student approach grade level proficiency.

Please sign up to tutor today. We will pair you with a student, beginning in September 2015. You are also welcome to tutor two students back-to-back for 30 minutes, each, during your weekly commitment.


Ready to get started (or just want some additional info)? Check out these opportunities with Heart Math Tutoring.


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