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Celebrate Digital Learning Day in Charlotte

Written by Admin    on February 17, 2016

Photo provided by DigitalLearningDay.org


It’s no surprise that technology has changed the way we work, play and even socialize. Yet, how it’s changed the way we teach and learn is beyond what we could have ever imagined a couple decades ago. Within the last five years, it seems that digital learning has become accepted more and more in classrooms all over the country.


Today is Digital Learning Day, a day to celebrate how technology can be used to enhance learning. Despite its growing prevalence, not all students have access to new devices, software or any forms of digital tools that can help them excel in the classroom.


In Charlotte, there are several nonprofits that are embracing and even leading the effort to bring STEM courses to the next level. If you believe that coding, computer science and other technology-related professions are the future, support these nonprofits.


Digi-Bridge wants to #bridgethedivide that separates students from digital learning by offering STEM courses, creating relevant coursework and working with schools to incorporate it in their classrooms.

Drive, Inc. offers an array of coding courses including HTML & CSS. They teach their students how to build websites and the fundamentals of running a business like money management, marketing and strategic planning.


Project Scientist encourages young girls to pursue STEM related-subjects and works with them to explore and develop their talents in those fields. They run Project Academy, a six-week summer camp held at local universities and offer their Project Expeditions throughout the school year.


Who said kids get to have all the fun? For some life learners, it all starts at the library. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library offers courses and programs not only to improve traditional literacy but digital literacy as well.


All of these nonprofits can use your expertise, time or financial support. Invest in Charlotte’s future today. Happy Digital Learning Day!