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The FACTS Initiative on Do Good CLT Podcast

FACTS Initiative Interview on Do Good CLT Podcast

The month of August is Black Philanthropy Month. In partnership with SHARE Charlotte, Do Good Charlotte is highlighting nonprofits that are black-led and benefitting. A perfect example is the FACTS Initiative. FACTS stands for Family And Children Therapeutic Services. The initiative provides mental health services to underserved children and families who don’t traditionally receive care. On this episode of Do Good Charlotte, Host Pamela Escobar is joined by FACTS CEO Aisha Yesher-El and volunteer Melissa Picault.

Did you know...

1 in 5 American adults live with a mental illness? This mental health crisis is a growing issue within communities across the nation. Of course, everyone could greatly benefit from receiving mental health services, but the unfortunate reality is that the gap in care makes it difficult for a lot of those who need it and for those who provide it. Not only is there a financial burden for clients, but providers are also struggling. Therapists' workload can be very taxing. It’s hard to give clients your best when you feel burnt out and have no time to prioritize your own self-care. FACTS CEO Aisha Yesher-El is a licensed therapist who witnessed this firsthand. She then made it her mission to provide a space for therapists as well as the underserved community in Charlotte to thrive. From this, the FACTS Initiative was born.

So what exactly is FACTS doing to accomplish its mission? Well, a complicated issue such as the mental health crisis requires a rather complicated solution. 

For starters, they’ve put a focus on children. A lot of times, mental health struggles can be traced back to childhood, so the main clients are typically children. However, to change a child's behavior, you have to change their environment. Therefore, they engage the child's parental figure as well. Melissa Picault, one of FACTS rockstar volunteers and a mother of five, shares that it was enlightening to learn how your actions as parents affect your children. A lot of times parents have the right intentions but simply lack awareness. She enjoys the growth she sees in families by simply helping them learn just as she did.

Secondly, they prioritize access for underserved communities and individuals highly impacted by trauma. They work to overcome barriers by offering income-based fees for services, maintaining a robust referral list, and providing virtual and community-based alternatives to traditional therapy. This is just the tip of the iceberg. They do more than you could imagine, but as a grassroots organization, they cannot do it all alone. Volunteers are crucial. No matter your age or skill set, there is a place for everyone at FACTS. If you do not have time, please consider making a financial donation. Just $60 will cover a free session for someone in need. All financial donations are highly appreciated.

The FACTS Initiative is all about growth for everyone involved. There is such joy in that. To volunteer, donate, and/or learn more, please check out their SHARE Charlotte profile here

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The FACTS Initiative on Do Good CLT

Written by Summer Campbell

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