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The Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage - #SpotlightOnCLT Domestic Violence

The Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage

#SpotlightOnCLT Domestic Violence

The Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage (JKFFC) is dedicated to promoting healthy relationships among teens while stopping dating violence before it begins through prevention, education, awareness, and research initiatives.

Each month, SHARE Charlotte provides a series of highlights on local nonprofits who are doing great work for a cause that may be close to your heart. We call this series #SpotlightOnCLT. This series helps shine a light on local nonprofits (some you may not have heard of) and helps to amplify their voice. We share this series in an effort to help you get involved in ways that matter most to you! Attend events, donate, or volunteer!  

This month, SHARE Charlotte will be highlighting our nonprofit partners who are working to prevent intimate partner violence through education and organizations who support individuals and families affected by domestic violence and provide the support services they need. We are honored to present this topic to you with the help of our friends at the Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage.

We spent some time learning more about The Jamie Kimble Foundation and wanted to share their story with you. 

πŸ’œ Tell us why you were excited to support SHARE Charlotte to raise the voice of nonprofits supporting domestic violence causes, programs, and support. 

JKFFC Teens for Courage programs are doing incredible work, and partnering SHARE Charlotte is a natural evolution to increase awareness and expand the reach of our message and programs. From our work with high school Courage Clubs, to Healthy Relationship Education to high school student athletes and our annual Teens for Courage Summit, SHARE Charlotte has the power of personal connections on a larger scale.

πŸ’œ Please tell us 2 or 3 things that you would like Charlotteans to know about your program and mission and about domestic violence support in general.

The Teens for Courage Programs are created by high school teens and most importantly led by high school students. This is important to have student support and collaborations on programming because students spend of their time together whether in person or online. Teenagers have little dating experience, if any, and may not intuitively know what is and is not acceptable relationship behavior. Dating violence does not discriminateβ€”it can happen regardless of race, religion, or socioeconomic background, according to research.

Breaking The Silence, of Project Safe Initiative, reports nearly 1.5 million high school students nationwide experience physical abuse from a dating partner in a single year. The most recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System survey, in 2021, found that 9.7 percent of high school respondents reported having experienced sexual dating violence in the past year. That number was significantly higher for girls (15.3 percent) than boys (4 percent).

πŸ’œ The Jamie Kimble Foundation reminds us that education of this nature must be clear, consistent, and relatable. 

For these reasons alone, creating programming that educates students about setting healthy boundaries, identifying signs of abuse in their relationships and friends, and reaching out for help is critical to their future success in adulthood.

πŸ’œ What is your greatest need right now that Charlotteans could support you with?

Giving to Teens for Courage programs is our main focus. Almost 75% of dollars raised at JKFFC go to Teens for Courage. Dollars are needed for us to partner with educators in this space of prevention work to create effective, relevant, evidence-based material to pass on to students. For this to happen, we have to have the funding. When students come to us and ask for educational materials to share with their peers, schools, and communities, we want to be assured that we have the financial support to aid them in their request.

However, like most nonprofits in the community, many donors experience donor fatigue, and that fatigue is impacting us.  

πŸ’œ What does volunteering at the Jamie Kimble Foundation look like if you have volunteers? 

Volunteering with JKFFC involves support at our events and functions, such as set-up, check, and breakdown. 

πŸ’œ What impact does a volunteer have on your organization? 

Volunteers significantly affect the agency as they are supporters willing to give their time and talent and often treasure. Many volunteers who spend time with our agency usually say, "We didn't know you did this." We've been known for so long for our luncheon that many people do not realize we have programs for teens. When volunteers spend time with our agency, they see the work behind the scenes and get to know some remarkable teens doing great work.

πŸ’œ Do you have any upcoming events or volunteer needs? 

Our next event will take place in September 2024. We have changed our luncheon format and have decided to have luncheons twice a year. These smaller luncheons bring the community and its leaders together to discuss topics that address students' challenges and successes in prevention. We will always have students in the room as they are the focus of the topics and should have a seat at the table.

Visit to give financial support, volunteer, and increase awareness.

Visit The Jamie Kimble Foundation SHARE Charlotte profile so you can stay up to date with local events, follow them on social, and learn more.

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