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Spotlight Series 2019

Written by Nicole Copsis    on April 17, 2019    in

Each month, SHARE Charlotte refocuses it's Spotlight Series on a different cause or issue effecting our city and shines a light on our nonprofit partners who work within that sector to strengthen Charlotte. The first step to driving out darkness is to shine a light on it, and our Spotlight Series aims to do just that while also showcasing which of our nonprofit partners are doing the hard work that will lead to a more informed, compassionate, and welcoming city.

January 2019:
Human Trafficking

February 2019:
Heart & Blood Health

March 2019:
Women's Health & Wellness

April 2019:

May 2019: 
Affordable Housing

June 2019:
Immigrants and Refugees

July 2019: 
Food Pantries and Access to Food

August 2019: 
Early Care and Education

September 2019:
Pregnancy and Newborn Resources

Ocotber 2019:
Breast Cancer Awareness

November 2019:
Lead up to #GivingTuesdayCLT

December 2019: