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#SpotlightOnCLT: The Bulb

Written by Eden Estabrook    on July 31, 2019    in

Did you know that food insecurity is a major problem in the city of Charlotte? 

How big of a problem? 

Think 150,000+ individuals in Mecklenburg County big. Additionally, around 80% of those individuals don’t have consistent access to transportation. That means, even if it’s a good week financially, accessing places like grocery stores, farmers markets, or even food banks, is still a challenge. Surprised? I was. In a city where popular grocery store chains seem to pop up like weeds, reading the stats was a shock. 

But, that’s why I’m thankful there are nonprofits like The Bulb that not only understand the problem but are working hard to solve it. Since mobility is an identified barrier for food-insecure individuals, The Bulb decided to go mobile instead. Using a mobile market system, The Bulb partners with local farmers, vendors, and businesses to provide mostly local produce in up to 30 neighborhoods per month. But, they don’t stop there. The Bulb is also tapping into the food waste problem to help solve food insecurity in our city. By “rescuing” produce from local partners, they take food that would have ended up in the trash and *literally* bring it to people in food-insecure neighborhoods. 

Currently, The Bulb has the capacity to service up to four neighborhoods per week with produce that is donated from partnering farms and agencies in a pop-up tent and truck. But, they need all hands on deck. Thanks to the generosity of grocery store partners Trader Joes and Food Lion, The Bulb has access to as much as 2000 pounds of food, if they have the manpower to process and distribute it all. They need more volunteers to help rescue food, distribute food and work a mobile market.

So, now that you know the problem. Can you help bring produce to the people?

For more information, visit https://www.thebulbgallery.org/.