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#SpotlightOnCLT: The FACTS Initiative

Our #SpotlightOnCLT Mental Health Month story focuses today on The Facts Initiative.  We spoke with Director Gwen Harris to learn more about how The FACTS Initiative is making an impact on mental well being in Charlotte.
What would you like for the community to know about the challenges your organization is trying to solve?
We are working to solve issues with client's being able to access quality mental health services and untreated trauma responses for victims and displaced children and families. 
Could you describe for our community how The FACTS Initiative supports mental well being?
The FACTS Initiative provides quality, trauma-focused mental health care for children and families. We partner with other non-profit organizations, like human trafficking response organizations, shelters, group homes, and after-school programs to provide a mental health component for the children and families they serve that have experienced significant trauma

Learn More:
  • The FACTS provides services in our children's homes, schools, community centers, as well as our office to ensure every child and family has access to care.
  • 17.1 million children in the U.S. have had a mental health diagnosis. Many do not receive adequate treatment and even fewer parents receive adequate support.
  • The FACTS Initiative works to help these families achieve social and emotional well-being.
The FACTS Initiative offers community based therapeutic interventions, tools, and techniques to get children and families on the path to wellness.
Read more about The FACTS Initiative and learn how to support them here.

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