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#SpotlightOnCLT: Fathers United, Inc.

Written by Holly Blackman    on August 18, 2020    in

“Dead beat dad” is a common stereotype, and I, admittedly, often assumed this was a choice, but what I’ve recently learned is sometimes it’s for lack of emotional or financial resources that a father is not able to fight for partial custody of a child.

Enter Fathers United, Inc. (FUI) - an organization begun by Executive Director,  La’Vaar Wynn, who while walking through legal custody cases believed there needed to be a support group for fathers. Thus, in 2013, he created FUI to eliminate paternal alienation and fatherlessness through educating and supporting fathers. I asked Wynn "what is key in helping children have healthy relationships with both of their parents if a marriage doesn’t work?"

Wynn shared his solution, “The important solution is effective co-parenting as children need participatory parents, both mother and father. Education and healing through counseling/therapy is a huge key to achieving this goal. Addressing and healing issues allows for effective conflict management skills where parents can put differences aside and work together for the best interest of their child. As part of our program FUI teaches how to co-parent, how to communicate effectively, conflict management, and much more.”

In the past 7 years, FUI has saved 188 children from fatherlessness by educating fathers on their paternal rights and teaching them about the important role they play in each of their children’s lives. Education and counseling are one piece of the Fathers United, Inc., mission. They also offer assistance with custody, child support, financial literacy, housing assistance, etc. Just this spring, they had Dads in the Park, an event encouraging dads to spend time together with their children, and this play date, while social distancing in the park, Wynn said was well attended and gave fathers an event to enjoy with their children. FUI connects family counselors, attorneys, financial advisors with fathers who are at a very low point in their lives and encourages them to continue to make choices best for their whole family. 

At a time when families are often severed, FUI bridges the gap to make sure children continue to spend quality time with their fathers because a the family unit consists of both parents’ involvement in their child’s life.

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