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#SpotlightOnCLT: McLeod Addictive Disease Center

Our #SpotlightOnCLT Mental Health month focuses today on the McLeod Addictive Disease Center.  SHARE Charlotte learned from Director, Mary H. Ward, how McLeod Addictive Disease Center is making an impact on mental well being in our community.

What would you like for the community to know about the challenges your organization is trying to solve?

"We treat adults with substance use disorders; with opiod treatment services being our largest.  Most of our patients are indigent, uninsured, and pay for treatment out of pocket."

Could you describe for our community how The McLeod Addictive Disease Center supports mental well being?

"We help adults see they can recover from using substances.  We provide medication and behavioral therapy to help people get well."

Could you share an impactful story with us about McLeod Addictive Disease Center?

"We have a patient with opioid use disorder who is disabled and on governmental assistance. He and his partner lived with friends but recently moved into their own place--for the first time. They wash their clothes in the bath tub unless they are able to save enough to go to a public laundry. This patient recently shared with someone their circumstances and were surprised with a gift of a used washer and dryer. It was a bold decision to share they are in treatment; it turned out someone was interested in helping them. Our patient said if it were not for McLeod Center and learning to be honest with others, they didn't know how or when they could afford to get a washer and dryer."

More about McLeod:
  • At any point in time, almost 3,000 people from 8 counties near Charlotte receive care.
  • We treat a brain disease, this is not a matter of choice.

The McLeod center provides a range of treatment and criminal justice services to individuals with substance use disorder diagnoses.  In addition to the operation of eith medication-Assisted Treatment (for opiod use disorder) clinics across North Carolina, McLeod Center's main building houses a 28-day Residential Treatment program and a comprehensive Substance Abuse Intensive outpatient Program.  All of McLeod's Center's treatment services included initital assessment, treatmeng planning, individual and group counseling, substance abuse educaiton, referral services and supportive aftercare. 

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