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Teacher Appreciation Week in Charlotte

Written by Erin Morris    on May 4, 2022    in

Teacher Appreciation Week in Charlotte

May 2nd - 6th is Teacher Appreciation Week across the nation. It is a time to reflect on a teacher who has made a difference in your life or in the life of your child, and to send them expressions of gratitude and recognition.  

We know that teachers, caregivers and schools love getting appreciation gifts like gift cards, homemade treats, and maybe even treasures like some of the teacher's favorite classroom items (everyone loves a flair pen!).  These gifts can show that you care, that you are taking the time to give to others, and that you are intentional in showing gratitude.

While no one would "look this gift horse in the mouth", there are things you can do to share appreciation for a teacher that can have an incredible impact, above and beyond a purchased item.  Things that can last beyond this week of appreciation.

One example is sending hand written cards (or yes, emails) that tell that teacher or caregiver the specific impact they have had on you or your child.  Sharing the moment where you fell in love with learning, where a teacher changed your life by showing you patience and kindness during a tough time, or where they went out of their way to make sure you were succeeding, is the type of recognition for an incredible job-well-done that can take an educator's breath away and remind us how important education and community really is.  As an educator myself (hi, Erin here, author of this little story 👋🏻 ), I have felt the impact and have witnessed the effect that words of affirmation can have.  

When you send these notes of appreciation, it lets the teacher know that you have really seen them, have been with them on their journey, and have appreciated the hard work they put in each and every day for you or your child.

We love highlighting local nonprofits who are supporting, showcasing, and lifting up educators in our community.  Here are just a few of the stories that you might see this week:
  • Our friends at Communities in Schools recommends that you can always check with your local school to see what programs are already planned and then volunteer for those programs. Volunteering your time at a school can lesson the burden on educators who have busy days.  And gift cards to coffee shops and local restaurants are alway welcome as a special treat!
  • Teaching Fellows Institute held a luncheon for their Fellows at The Lodge (Whitehead Manor).  Then on the next day, Fellows were treated to a Charlotte Knights game.  Attendees were featured on the Jumbotron!
  • Digi-Bridge is partnering with several corporate partners to recognize teachers from their STEAMLab Title1 school partners roster. Honeywell teamed up with Digi-Bridge to create custom gift bags for each STEAMLab facilitator across their 25 partner schools. Teams from LendingTree treated staff from JW Grier Elementary to Wildroots Coffee and gave them custom gift bags! Corning Optical has sponsored PopBar for 4 of Digi-Bridge partner schools. "We love our teachers and appreciate them so much!" - Alyssa Sharpe, CEO Digi-Bridge
  • John Crosland School does something daily but Head of School Hallie Rojeski's favorite is encouraging staff to give an email shout out to a colleague that goes above and beyond. She loves reading the love and support. Winners receive gift cards!  Here's an example: “Major shout out to Ms. Stephan for the connections and bonds she has made with many of our students. Her name is repeatedly mentioned in SEL as someone the kids trust, look up to, respect and love. Thank you MK for being the champion our kids need.”
  • Pineville Neighbors Place is shifted their teacher appreciation week into 5 wednesdays in February and March, to help spread out the love over several weeks! 
  • Classroom Central celebrates every day but during this week they are giving away lots of goodies and prizes to teachers!

We'd love for you to share these stories with others, or share with us how you appreciate your teacher! 

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all educators!!