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Look Who's Doing GOOD: Simplicity Organizers

Written by Nicole Copsis    on September 30, 2019    in

Simplicity Organizers is a nationally recognized professional organizing company that helps people focus on what matters most. They know that “When we let go of the unimportant, we have more time to enjoy the things we love” or, in the case of many of the local nonprofits they have helped with their services, it allows them to have more time to deal with the bigger fish they have to fry. 

We had the chance to speak with Simplicity owner, Laurie Martin, who explained that often times nonprofits struggle to find the time or resources to create a new structure or system that would allow them to be more productive and efficient. That is where Laurie and her team and volunteers come in to offer their services for free, completing Simplicity Serves projects as a way to give back, doing what they do best: organizing and simplifying.

Most recently, Laurie and her trained volunteers completed a Simplicity Serves project offering free organizing services to TLA which provides free tennis instruction to students who could not otherwise pay for private instruction. TLA  frequently receives donated tennis apparel from the community, but has no system to keep it organized. Laurie shared that, “It was a joy getting to serve them in this way.”

But this was far from the first time Simplicity has done good for a local nonprofit. Laurie shared some of her favorite examples of her team using their organization skills for good, including a story of a client who had a pink Christmas tree that she wanted to get rid of but did not want to see it thrown away.  Simplicity found a home for this special tree with Caroline Breast Friends

Laurie also told us about the opportunities Simplicity had helping preschool teachers with The Learning Collaborative  de-clutter and simplify their classrooms, organizing the attic at the Dove’s Nest and helping them move from East Boulevard to West Boulevard, and cleaning and organizing the basement at The Relatives.  And the list goes on. 

Laurie let us know that Simplicity Serves “now has a team of excited volunteers who are trained and ready to take on more projects” and we cannot wait to see all of the GOOD that continues to come out of Simplicity’s generosity.