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Behind the Scenes: Heart Math Tutoring (part 2)

A note from SHARE: This is Part 2 of a 2-part guest post from our friends at Heart Math Tutoring. Part 1 gave the full scoop on the critical needs their volunteers address (check it out here). This final post will give you the low-down on exactly what it’s like to be a tutoring volunteer.

Why math tutoring? Isn’t literacy more important?

Smarty SHARE: Child Care Resources

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  • Wonder, rather than doubt, is the root of all knowledge. – Abraham Joshua Heschel

I’m thinking about “little wonders” as I write this post. My youngest niece just turned four. Each day I see her make connections, learn and yes – wonder.

Smarty SHARE: American Heart Association

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  • The greatest wealth is health. – Virgil

Hey Mom – are you taking care of yourself? Between carpool, groceries, work deadlines, the school play, paying bills and folding the laundry, are you watching your sodium intake, getting enough exercise and keeping your stress level down? Yeah, I thought so. Me neither.

Volunteering for Crazy Busy People: Changed Choices

Volunteering can happen even when you’re crazy busy! Check out this quick opportunity to do good:

Nonprofit: Changed Choices

When: Date and time are flexible

Where: At your location

Who: Great for individuals or small groups

Why: Women in prison/reentry often feel forgotten, you can provide hope and encouragement that will make a difference!

What you’ll do

Looking for a new approach to team building? Try a Challenge to Shop

It might be tough to get away from the office to volunteer as a team. But you can still rally around a cause, select a local nonprofit to support, and visit the Give Shop - all without leaving the office.

Here’s how it works.

- Go head to head with the department down the hall or challenge a friendly competitor to see who can do the best job getting needed items into the hands of local nonprofit organizations.

Smarty SHARE: Junior Achievement

In case you missed it, here's one of our popular Smarty Sunday SHARE posts from March:

  • “The object of teaching a child is to enable him to get along without a teacher.” ― Elbert Hubbard

Twenty sets of eyes watched me walk up the center of the classroom, clutching my Junior Achievement materials and wondering what I’d gotten myself into. My first few moments as a JA volunteer were, I’ll admit, a little scary. Why? Because I’d never done it before.

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