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#SpotlightOnCLT: Autism Awareness

Written by Erin Morris    on May 9, 2022    in

We're highlighting Autism Awareness for the month of May in our #SpotlightOnCLT series!

1 in 44 children in Charlotte and across the nation will be diagnosed with Autism during their lifetime.  When we sit and think about that statistic, it can mean that someone, somewhere in your circle of family, friends, or colleagues might be diagnosed with Autism.  And yet, the diagnosis can be confusing and complex, can go "unseen" or undiagnosed for years, and even though we have such high rates of need for support, there is not a wealth of resources at our disposal to help support these individuals, caregivers, families and friends.

During this month, we'll be showcasing local nonprofits who do great work in this field, from birth to adulthood, supporting and surrounding individuals and families with wrap-around healthcare, social opportunities, education events, and workforce integration.

Follow along with us as we learn from these great nonprofits: We ask you to follow our stories here, read and learn from what we share on social media, and look to give what you can, whether that be time, treasure or talents, towards a nonprofit in your neighborhood.