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#SpotlightOnCLT Domestic Violence - Guide to Nonprofits

#SpotlightOnCLT Domestic Violence - A guide to nonprofits

Each month, SHARE Charlotte provides a series of highlights on local nonprofits who are doing great work for a cause that may be close to your heart. We call this series #SpotlightOnCLT. This series helps shine a light on local nonprofits, some you may not have heard of, and helps to amplify their voice. We share this series in an effort to help you get involved in ways that matter most to you! Attend events, donate, or volunteer!  

This month, SHARE Charlotte will be highlighting our nonprofit partners who are working to prevent intimate partner violence through education and organizations who support individuals and families affected by domestic violence and provide the support services they need. We are honored to present this topic to you with the help of our friends at the Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage.

Below is a guide to nonprofits who are leading the charge in supporting education and services for those affected by domestic violence. Please read and share this guide with someone you love or with those you know what to get involved in organizations supporting this case. Click the links to see more about each organization including contact information, volunteer interest forms, social media contacts, and upcoming events.

Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage

  • About: Teens for Courage programs are created by high school teens and most importantly led by high school students. This is important to have student support and collaborations on programming because students spend their time together whether in person or online. Teenagers have little dating experience, if any, and may not intuitively know what is and is not acceptable relationship behavior. Dating violence does not discriminate—it can happen regardless of race, religion, or socioeconomic background, according to research.

  • More: Breaking The Silence, a Project Safe Initiative, reports nearly 1.5 million high school students nationwide experience physical abuse from a dating partner in a single year. The most recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System survey, in 2021, found that 9.7 percent of high school respondents reported having experienced sexual dating violence in the past year. That number was significantly higher for girls (15.3 percent) than boys (4 percent). 

  • The Mission: For these reasons alone, creating programming that educates students about setting healthy boundaries, identifying signs of abuse in their relationships and friends, and reaching out for help is critical to their future success in adulthood.

  • How can you help? Volunteer! Volunteers significantly affect the agency as they are supporters willing to give their time and talent and often treasure. Many volunteers who spend time with the agency usually say, "We didn't know you did this." JKFFC  has long been known for their luncheon but many people do not realize they have programs for teens. When volunteers spend time with the agency, they see the work behind the scenes and get to know some remarkable teens doing great work.

  • What is the need and how can I help? Giving to Teens for Courage programs is the main focus. Almost 75% of dollars raised at JKFFC go to Teens for Courage. Dollars are needed to partner with educators in this space of prevention work to create effective, relevant, evidence-based material to pass on to students. For this to happen, JKFFC has to have the funding. "When students come to us and ask for educational materials to share with their peers, schools, and communities, we want to be assured that we have the financial support to aid them in their request."

Safe Alliance

  • About: Safe Alliance provides hope and healing to those impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. They offer a continuum of programs and services for survivors and their non-offending loved ones, including: 

    • Greater Charlotte Hope Line (980.771.4673): This free, safe, confidential hotline is available 24/7 for Mecklenburg County survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault as well as parents in need of support. 

    • Clyde & Ethel Dickson Domestic Violence Shelter: This shelter serves Mecklenburg County residents in imminent danger ready to escape from a domestic violence situation. 

    • Victim Assistance Court Program: This program assists victims of domestic violence and sexual assault who are seeking to file or renew 50B and 50C protection orders. Other services include safety planning, crisis intervention, court accompaniment, and domestic violence support groups for adults and children. 

    • Sexual Trauma Resource Center: The center provides a continuum of services for survivors of sexual assault or abuse, including counseling services (remote or in-person); safety planning; crisis intervention; and support groups for adults and children. 

    • Lake Norman services: Offers crisis services (like those listed above) at the office located within the Lake Norman community- appointments only; call 704.655.8745.

  • A story of hope: "Jasmine had been in a long-term relationship with her abuser. She knew that he was violent, but when a fight left her in the hospital emergency room with broken ribs and injuries from strangulation, she realized she had to leave before he killed her. Wearing borrowed scrubs and carrying a few personal items in a clear plastic bag, Jasmine was able to go directly from the hospital to Safe Alliance’s Domestic Violence Shelter. She was finally safe."

  • How to help: Their highest needs are : hygiene kits (unscented) soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner); laundry pods, diapers sizes 3-6. Wishlist items and volunteer needs are listed on their profile in the Safe Alliance link above.

Dahlia Grove

  • About: Dahlia Grove seeks to empower and employ survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence and addiction. They do this by providing two year rent free restorative care home where they are given the time and resources to heal and rebuild their lives. This includes psycho educational classes, trauma therapy, financial literacy and accountability, job training and a job at a living wage, and a lifelong community of sisterhood and support.  

  • Inspiring Story: One of Dahlia Grove's recent graduates who was a survivor of childhood sexual trauma and domestic violence came to them homeless and broken. She graduated with a job, a car, attending college and had saved $10,000 in her savings account while at Dahlia Grove.

  • How you can help: They need volunteers to help teach classes and to provide transportation. They also have several upcoming events that Charlotteans can support such as the Art in the Garden Party on May 19. They also have their big fall fundraiser on October 24 at Myers park country club. Dahlia Grove notes that their biggest need is financial support for their ongoing mission. 

Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy

  • About: Through Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy's Immigrant Justice Program, they are able to serve clients with domestic violence protective orders. All referrals for this service come from Legal Aid North Carolina and Safe Alliance.

  • Get involved: CCLA just kicked off an Advocacy Center Matching Challenge Campaign between now and June 30, 2024. Click the link above to learn more.


  • About: Crittenton provides a safe place to live for pregnant women, teenage moms and their babies who are in foster care and teenage girls in foster care who have been affected by domestic violence as well as other types of trauma. While at Crittenton, clients are connected with community resources to help them access quality and consistent prenatal care to ensure a healthy pregnancy. 

  • More: Crittenton facilitates family therapy to help reconnect clients with their natural support systems (if that is a safe and healthy option) and help them transition into safe and affordable housing after they deliver their babies. Programs provide wraparound services that empower young women to become self-sufficient with the skills, support and resources they need to thrive.

  • Chantel's Story: "Chantel had been dating her boyfriend on and off for a few years and the relationship was very volatile. She loved him and the history that they had together but over the years he became more abusive and controlling. After Chantel and her boyfriend lost the apartment they shared, they ended up living in his car. Around this time, Chantel realized she was pregnant and felt that she had hit rock bottom. She knew she wanted to get away from her boyfriend, but she didn't have anyone she could turn to for help in Charlotte and knew that her life would forever be intertwined with her boyfriends' now that they were going to have a baby together. Finally, she decided she wanted to leave and applied to Crittenton's Maternity Program. She was accepted and was able to consistently attend prenatal care appointments, take parenting classes, find a job and get connected to housing and support resources."

  • Upcoming Events: Crittenton is hosting their 3rd Annual Women Supporting Women Gala on September 14th at The Mint Museum Uptown. Mark your calendars!

  • Highest Need: Hygiene products for our clients, specifically: Baby wipes, Deodorant, Toothpaste, and Body wash. Shop the wishlist on their SHARE profile link above.

Beauty for Ashes Ministry, Inc

  • About: Beauty for Ashes Ministry, Inc. has offered a safe space for domestic violence survivors to gather for encouragement and emotional, mental and spiritual support. Online support groups were started during COVID when in-person sessions were not feasible and have continued. The groups give survivors the opportunity to engage in conversations about life issues, as well as get inspiration, encouragement, emotional and spiritual support while gaining skills in establishing and maintaining boundaries. 

  • More: In collaboration with Atrium Hospital, they have supported survivors of sexual assault by collecting and providing personal items needed for leaving the hospital. They have also supported women leaving the shelter by providing small tokens of love - gift cards, household items, etc. and host a special annual outreach for the women and children of the shelter to extend the love of Christ.

  • Want to help? Be part of a support group! A highlight of facilitating the support group is observing the transformation in the women. Seeing them go from the early stages of defining and establishing boundaries to supporting each other in maintaining them is truly amazing.

  • Get connected: Make the Connection with them each Thursday at 6p on Facebook. Stay tuned on their website or SHARE profile for upcoming events this fall.

Unique Blessings

  • About: Unique Blessings offers a comprehensive range of services for youth and families affected by domestic violence, including advocacy, workforce development, mentorship, supportive services, and clothing. 

  • More: Through these initiatives, Unique Blessings has positively impacted 1,700 youth and families dealing with trauma and abuse. Their recent partnership with the Mecklenburg County Office of Violence Prevention will likely expand their reach and enhance their ability to support the community effectively.

  • A story of hope: "Unique Blessings has been an incredible resource for me and my children during our restoration and recovery. After leaving a domestic violence relationship, Unique Blessings provided us with resources to secure safe housing and offered volunteering opportunities that connected me with additional supportive services. These services have been instrumental in helping me access education and employment opportunities. This organization has stood by my side, equipping my family and me with the necessary tools and resources to overcome the obstacles and barriers we faced after escaping domestic violence."

  • How to help, now: "Our highest need right now is community support. Charlotteans can help Unique Blessings by spreading the word about our organization, donating new hygiene items, and joining our volunteers to assist with community events that promote awareness, offer resources, organize clothing drives, and support our fundraisers for The Compass Project. Unique Blessings is currently raising money to support The Compass Project's mentoring and scholarship program, as well as our 3rd Annual Let's Heal Together Fundraising Gala on October 12, 2024."


  • About: BraveWorks helps domestic violence survivors to move from the pain of their trauma to purpose through artisan enterprise and personal/professional development. Clients, known as artisans, receive healing from licensed therapist, small group therapy, and mentors.  They receive training in soft, hard and life skills. They benefit from connections to resources, agencies, mentors and employers to expand their social capital, and they earn a stipend equivalent to $15/hour that helps get them back on the economic ladder.  Women in the program emerge confident, courageous, and brave, ready to re-enter society and move towards an abundant and purposeful life!

  • Sheila's Story: "Sheila came into the BraveWorks program being traumatized through sex trafficking and domestic violence. Through our program, Sheila was connected to a healthy and supportive community and licensed therapists who helped her heal from past trauma. She was equipped with soft, hard, and life skills that helped her to maintain her sobriety and build confidence.  She was connected to employers and returned to school to complete her education. Sheila graduated from our program "empowered both inside and out" and equipped with the tools needed to move towards purpose and abundance."

  • How to get involved: "We have a fall fundraiser at Town Brewing and need volunteers to help plan and execute that event. We also need volunteers willing to host a Sip & Shop at our space to help grow awareness for both our work and the artisan's crafts. We are raising funds to cover critical overhead needs for the rest of our fiscal year (May and June)."

Click the links on any of the nonprofits above to get more information, contacts, social media page, volunteer opportunities, upcoming events, and more! Thank you to our presenting sponsor, The Jamie Kimble Foundation.

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