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Spotlight Series: #RecoveringHope

Written by Nicole Copsis    on October 3, 2018    in

This October, SHARE Charlotte’s Spotlight Series: #RecoveringHope will focus in on our local nonprofit partners that serve those in our community who are battling addiction.

The nonprofit organizations we will be highlighting this month restore hope to the hopeless through affordable counseling, rehabilitation programs, educational initiatives, and even housing and employment opportunities. These organizations make full recovery possible for individuals in our community who need a little help #RecoveringHope.

Listed below are many of SHARE Charlotte’s nonprofit partners who work to serve to those in our community who have battled or are currently battling addiction. Read how they serve our community as well as how you can get involved with these organizations. You can also click here to explore all of our nonprofit partners who are not featured on this list but who may also serve a similar sector of need. 

The Salvation Army 

The Salvation Army helps people overcome challenging circumstances so that they can live quality, productive lives by giving them practical tools and basic necessities. Their areas of service include providing disaster relief, offering rehabilitation and work programs to men with addiction, and transitional shelter-to-housing programs for single women and young mothers through ‘Center of Hope.’ 

InnerVision Inc.

InnerVision provides services to individuals with trauma, addictions and mental health challenges. They use a comprehensive “one stop” approach to offer veterans and individuals with mental health and addictions challenges employment, education and personal development tools. InnerVision offers a flexible array of professional services that help patients advance and sustain their recovery. 

Charlotte Rescue Mission

The Charlotte Rescue Mission helps men and women, battling drug addiction. They offer a 120-day residential drug recovery program that empowers individuals to move beyond the cycles of homelessness and addiction and become productive citizens in the community. Charlotte Rescue Mission offers specialized services to men and women through their Rebound and Dove’s Nest programs respectively.

Hope Haven

Hope Haven Inc. provides life skills for homeless chemically dependent adults and families within a supportive residential environment leading to independence. They are dedicated to helping people in recovery rebuild their lives by providing them with the support services needed to achieve healthy recovery and economic freedom.

Anuvia Prevention Center

Anuvia provides an array of science-based prevention & education services for people with drug and alcohol dependence. They are recognized by the State of North Carolina for excellence, and offers a full continuum of assessment, pre-treatment and outpatient treatment services. Anuvia also offers the only Latino Services Division in the region which offers cultural-and language-appropriate education, assessment and treatment.

Dilworth Center

The Dilworth Center’s mission is to provide affordable and effective treatment services for chemically dependent individuals and their families. Their goal is to provide treatment programs that maximize the chances of long-term recovery for all patients. The Dilworth Center considers it their responsibility to assist patients in effectively treating alcoholism and drug addiction while helping them structure positive support systems.

Teen Health Connection

Teen Health Connection is a healthcare practice that provides a safe, family-centered environment for all adolescents, ages 11 to 22. Services include comprehensive medical and mental healthcare along with health education that is delivered to teens when they need it, as they need it with a focus on substance abuse prevention and teen pregnancy prevention. The healthcare provided is tailored to the unique needs of teens during a time in their lives when life can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Through our comprehensive medical and mental health care and prevention education programs, Teen Health Connection strives to reach its vision: every adolescent empowered to be healthy, safe and successful.


According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), more than 8.9 million people in the US suffer from co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders; often called “dual diagnoses.” Only about 7% of these individuals receive treatment for both illnesses and over half never receive any treatment. Though HopeWay is a not primary addiction treatment center, substance use disorder commonly accompanies a psychiatric diagnosis. HopeWay's mission is to make HOPE tangible by inspiring mental wellness for all. They fill the gap in mental healthcare by caring for adults, 18 and older, as they navigate the transition from hospital to home. HopeWay’s holistic model of treatment, which is grounded in science, addresses the medical, psychological and emotional needs of clients as they equip them with the tools they need to live a successful and independent life. Family services round out their services as an avenue of support and education to aid families in their own wellness and in supporting their loved ones.