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#SpotlightOnCLT: Great Outdoors

Written by Erin Morris    on June 9, 2022    in

Explore Charlotte's Great Outdoors with SHARE Charlotte and Our Local Nonprofits!

#SpotlightOnCLT is SHARE Charlotte's monthly content series that highlights a different cause or issue.  This series allows us to explore the crucial work being done in a particular arena by our local nonprofit partners.  For the month of June, we are going to put a spotlight on the "Great Outdoors".  As the summer temperatures rise and we yearn to emerge from our home and work spaces, let's #GetOutside!

So what do we mean by the "Great Outdoors?" With the population growth and inevitable urbanization in the Charlotte area, we want to highlight nonprofits who are doing the good work in the great outdoors by connecting the community with nature, providing welcoming and peaceful outdoor spaces, creating nature-based educational programming, and solving environmental problems...helping us set the stage for the future.

Follow along with us this month as we shine a bright light on nonprofits who are building healthy ecosystems, connecting kids and adults to the world outside, supporting land and water conservation, and looking towards the horizon for Charlotte's long term vitality.

We're going to learn from these and other impactful nonprofits:
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