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Spotlight Series: #SafeFromHarm

Written by Nicole Copsis    on June 1, 2018    in

June Spotlight Series: #SafeFromHarm

This June, SHARE Charlotte’s Spotlight Series: #SafeFromHarm, presented by The Relocation Guide, will focus on our local nonprofit partners who raise awareness about abuse as well as offer services to victims of abuse in all of its forms. These organizations each offer a different approach to keeping individuals #SafeFromHarm, whether that means healing and supporting those who have faced abuse and are now coping with the aftermath, or going out into our community to rescue those who cannot necessarily save themselves from harm’s way. 

*Listed below are many of SHARE Charlotte’s nonprofit partners who work to alleviate the trauma and facilitate the rehabilitation process that results from mental, emotional, and physical abuse. Click HERE to explore more of our nonprofit partners in this sector of work and not only read how they are helping our community, but how you can get involved and keep our community members #SafeFromHarm.

Nonprofits focused on Child Abuse:

Pat’s Place Child Advocacy Center
Pat’s Place Child Advocacy Center coordinates the investigation and treatment of the most serious cases of child abuse in Mecklenburg County. They provide a physical location where nearly 600 children receive forensic interviews, medical exams, counseling, and advocacy support. In addition, Pat’s Place stands as a leader in child sexual abuse prevention.

Thompson works to support the clinical treatment and well-being of children and families. Thompson operates from four campuses that each provide comprehensive education, intensive treatment and care for children under 18 and adult counseling. They aim to bring at-risk children forward into safety and fulfillment, and to ensure families thrive.

Mecklenburg Guardian ad Litem Advocacy Foundation
The local Guardian ad Litem program raises awareness for child abuse by supporting foster children, recruiting volunteers and supporting the GAL program. A Guardian ad Litem is a trained volunteer who serves as an advocate for an abused or neglected child while they are in the foster care system.

Carolina Family Connections
Carolina Family Connections recruits, licenses, trains and supervises family foster homes and out-of-home placements for children who have been abused and/or neglected. Volunteers advocate, support and nurture children with the goal of providing a safe and loving environment.

Nonprofits Focused on Adult Victims:

Brave Step
Brave Step strengthens men and women impacted by sexual abuse through inspiration, education and personalized care. Brave Step offers steps to heal and empower the individual, through online resources and personalized care aimed at improving the quality of life of the survivor.

Safe Alliance
Safe Alliance provides hope and healing to those impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault. They help people build safe, healthy relationships by providing emergency shelter, trauma counseling, legal representation, court advocacy services and educational prevention programs. 

Fashion & Compassion
Fashion & Compassion guides vulnerable and oppressed women to success by providing transitional employment, a supportive community and connections to individualized resources that empower women who are charting a courageous path toward a self-sustaining life of purpose. Their Artisans work towards overcoming trafficking, addiction, incarceration, and abuse by participating in a diverse community where they make jewelry as well as learn work readiness skills, receive emotional support and have opportunities for spiritual growth. 

The Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage
The Jamie Kimble Foundation focuses on the prevention of intimate partner violence through awareness, education, and research. They fund seminars and educational activities that address partner violence, promote the awareness of domestic violence, and fund prevention research. The foundation takes measures to prevent domestic violence before it begins.

Steve Smith Family Foundation
The Steve Smith Family Foundation is dedicated to advancing causes that are close to the heart of the founder’s family. They aim to inspire and spread awareness about topics such as domestic violence and children living in poverty in the developing world. The Steve Smith Family Foundation encourages a better quality of life for all through partnership with other nonprofit organizations, donations, events that benefit their causes and more.


Nonprofits Focused on Animal Abuse: 

Horse Protection Society
Horse Protection Society is a sanctuary for horses in Mecklenburg and surrounding counties who have been neglected, abused or abandoned. HPS is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and retraining horses. Our hope is to eventually match our rescued horses with qualifying, loving homes that are able to provide long-term placement.

Humane Society of Charlotte
The Humane Society is committed to improving the lives of companion animals through adoption, spay/neuter and education. Their goal is to service animals whose owners cannot afford proper support and treatment and to build a community compassionate animal lovers.

Humane League 
The Humane League primarily focuses on farmed animal abuse and ways to put an end to it. Farmed animals represent over 98% of animals killed in the US because they aren’t protected by anti-cruelty laws, so they suffer intensely at “factory farms”. In order to end the cruelty, the Humane League provides education about farm animal abuse to local high schools and colleges and encourages the adoption of vegetarian and vegan food practices in universities and restaurants. They also promote the use of animal-friendly farming practices at corporations.

Greater Charlotte SPCA 
The Greater Charlotte SPCA aims to promote the adoption of homeless animals, educate the public about humane and responsible pet ownership, and reduce pet overpopulation through spay/neuter programs throughout Charlotte and surrounding areas. 

Shelter Pet Enrichment Fund
The Shelter Pet Enrichment Fund serves as CMPD Animal Care & Control’s 501c3 partner. Their mission is to ensure the health and well-being of animals served by CMPD Animal Care and Control. The Fund uses their resources to provide medical treatments, treats, and tents and pools for the outdoor dog play group. Since their beginning in 2011, the Shelter Pet Enrichment Fund has raised adoption rates by 39% and lowered euthanasia rates by 70%. 

American Pit Bull Foundation 
The American Pit Bull Foundation is an organization dedicated to promoting responsible breed ownership through education, programming, and assistance. The group of dedicated volunteers and responsible dog owners understand their role in the community and work to combat overpopulation, unnecessary euthanasia, and family companion safety for all Pit bulls.

These are not the only organizations who are helping to combat abuse in our community. There are many other nonprofits that heal victims of abuse in different ways whether it is part of their overall mission or they have developed a specialized program that focuses on either raising awareness or helping victims to decide their next steps. Abuse comes in many forms, and in every community there are people who need a little help keeping #SafeFromHarm.