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Spotlight Series: #AnimalsofCLT

Written by Nicole Copsis    on December 3, 2018    in


Dogs, horses and raptors- oh my!

This December, SHARE Charlotte’s Spotlight Series: #AnimalsofCLT will focus in on our local nonprofit partners who care for the animals of Charlotte that are in need of shelter, food, rehabilitation or maybe even a companion. The nonprofit organizations we are highlighting this month serve the #AnimalsofCLT in a variety of different ways, all equally important to the wellbeing of our furry, feathered, and fanged friends. 

SHARE Charlotte’s Spotlight Series: #AnimalsofCLT is presented by Parachute Media. Parachute Media is a forward thinking advertising agency with a heart for animals. Stay tuned this month as we explore the ways in which Parachute Media supports the #AnimalsofCLT as a company and why they wanted to help SHARE Charlotte spread the word about these incredible, local organizations. 

Listed below are many of SHARE Charlotte’s nonprofit partners who work to serve #AnimalsofCLT to keep them healthy, fed, and out of harm’s way. Read how they serve the animals in our community and check out their individual profiles to see how you can get involved.

Humane Society of Charlotte

The Humane Society is committed to delivering effective and innovative services that strengthen the human-animal bond and improve the lives of companion animals and their owners. Their vision is for all companion animals to one day live in a community full of care and compassion without the threat of being unwanted. As a private, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization supported solely by the generosity of animal lovers and fees for adoption and spay/neuter services, our supporters play an integral role in helping the thousands of people and their pets who receive our services that are in great need. We don't receive any federal, state or local government support and are not part of any national animal welfare agencies.

Shelter Pet Enrichment Fund 

The purpose of Shelter Pet Enrichment Fund is to serve as CMPD Animal Care & Control's nonprofit partner. Their mission is to fund initiatives that ensure the health and well-being of animals served by CMPD Animal Care and Control.  So far this year they have provided CMPD Animal Care & Control with $27,000 for medical treatments, creating a mock studio, treats, and tents and pools for the outdoor dog play group. Shelter Pet Enrichment Fund partners with local shelters to increase the live release rate and reduce the intake rate of homeless animals in Mecklenburg County. Since their inception in 2011, adoption rates have increased by 39% and the euthanasia rate has decreased by 70%.

Animal Adoption League

Animal Adoption League helps place formerly homeless dogs, puppies, kittens and cats into loving homes. They work with local high-kill shelters to help strays who need an outlet for adoption. The Animal Adoption League also works to educate the general public in the importance of reducing pet overpopulation through spay/neuter programs along with the care and overall welfare of animals; and work towards the ultimate goal of compassionate, humane treatment for all.

Companion Parrots Re-homed

The exclusive mission of Companion Parrots Re-homed is to accept companion parrots from unwanted, emergency or crisis situations throughout the Greater Charlotte, North Carolina, area. They facilitate through training and education, new adoptive homes for parrots, a sensitive and intelligent species.

Greater Charlotte SPCA

The Greater Charlotte SPCA serves the pets and people of Charlotte and surrounding counties. Their goal is to promote the adoption of homeless animals, educate the public about humane and responsible pet ownership, and reduce pet overpopulation through spay/neuter programs. Through fostering, The Greater Charlotte SPCA aims to rescue animals from high kill shelters and match them with the right adoptive family.

Stand for Animals Veterinary Clinic

Stand for Animals Veterinary Clinics goal is to make high quality spay neuter and veterinary care affordable and accessible to all pet owners. They aim to reduce the number of unwanted litters in the community and reduce the number of dogs and cats that end up being euthanized at local shelters through spay and neuter services. They believe that every pet needs and deserves high quality veterinary care to keep them healthy and happy for their entire lives.

Bright Side Youth Ranch

Bright Side Youth Ranch aims to inspire the next generation towards hope by pairing kids in crisis (ages 8-18) with one adult mentor and one horse for an equine mentoring session. They wholeheartedly believe that every child needs an additional outside voice in their life to support family values, offer support, give advice, share love, and speak truth. With that in mind, any child between the ages of 8 and 18 years old are welcome at the ranch. Since each child is a unique individual, every 60-90 minute session flexes to meet the needs of each child.

Horse Protection Society

Horse Protection Society is a sanctuary for horses in Mecklenburg and surrounding counties who have been neglected, abused or abandoned. HPS is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and retraining horses. Their hope is to eventually match rescued horses with qualifying, loving homes that are able to provide long-term placement.

Shining Hope Farms

Shining Hope Farms’ mission is to enable children and adults with disabilities to achieve functional goals through the use of equine (horse) assisted activities and Hippotherapy. They currently serve 180+ children and adults weekly between their two main programs: Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding across two locations.

Wings of Eagles Ranch

Wings of Eagles Ranch uses horses and the love of volunteers to transform lives. Through therapeutic horseback riding, outdoor adventures and summer camp programs, they empower children and adults with special needs to do things they never thought possible. At the heart of their mission is encourage hope, instill confidence, and build self-esteem in the individuals they serve. 

Carolina Raptor Center

Carolina Raptor Center (CRC) ignites imaginations and inspires engagement in the natural world through the exploration and rehabilitation of birds of prey. Their 3/4 mile Raptor Trail is an educational visitor attraction that displays over 30 different species of raptors in Latta Plantation Nature Preserve. Additionally, CRC’s Jim Arthur Raptor Medical Center treats over 900 raptors a year, releasing almost 70% of the birds that live for the first 24 hours back into the wild. 

Tiger World

Tiger World Endangered Wildlife Preserve is a nonprofit animal conservation and educational center dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and preservation of exotic animals. Tiger World is a different kind of Zoo, providing educational tours that guide visitors throughout the preserve and provide an individual hands-on experience. 

Charlotte Black Dogs

Charlotte Black Dogs brings awareness to ‘Black Dog Syndrome’, or the fact that black dogs are the last to be adopted from shelters, and promote animal adoptions. They hold a yearly family event called "Paws in the Park", which is one of the largest dog events in the Charlotte area.

Rescue Ranch

Rescue Ranch promotes and provides humane education programs focused on ending pet overpopulation and enhancing the human-animal bond, along with respect for agriculture, the environment, and conservation. Their 87-acre facility is home to more than 80 rescued and permanently adopted critters that participate in their humane education program where they meet countless children of all ages through our programs, tours and fundraising events.

The Humane League

The Humane League's mission is to reduce animal suffering by creating change at all levels. They work to reform the way farm animals are treated while also inspiring people to make more compassionate food choices. Their strategy includes hard-hitting corporate campaigns and wide-ranging outreach and education programs, supported by an extensive network of organizations, activists and supporters around the world.

American Pit Bull Foundation

The American Pit Bull Foundation is an organization dedicated to promoting responsible breed ownership through education, programming, and assistance. They are a group of passionate volunteers and responsible dogs owners who do their best to help combat overpopulation, unnecessary euthanasia, and family companion safety.

Wing Haven

Founded in 1927, Wing Haven has served as an inspiration for artists, writers and community members alike. Today, the Wing Haven legacy is preserved through the maintenance and care of the gardens and historic property. They also offer educational programs, special events for adults and families and educational outreach to at-risk preschool children.

North Carolina Wildlife Federation

The North Carolina Wildlife Federation’s mission is to protect, conserve and restore North Carolina wildlife and habitat by supporting access to wild places and opportunities to enjoy them. Through policy and protection work, research, education and direct hands-on conservation projects, they advocate for the places and species that have no voice. North Carolina Wildlife Federation’s ideal vision is for North Carolina to be full of bountiful and diverse wildlife that is sustainably managed for future generations.

Second Harvest Food Bank

Second Harvest Food Bank serves pets in the Charlotte community through providing financial support to families who cannot afford to feed their pets, and by supporting local animal shelters. Through their program, Operation Rescue, Second Harvest receives and redistributes pet foods and supplies to dozens of Charlotte pet shelters.

Honor Service Dogs 

Founded in 1960 and officially recognized as a 501(c)(3) in 2000, Honor Service Dogs Inc. shares the message of unconditional love, provides extraordinary golden retrievers to veterans, special needs individuals, those involved in therapy work and other service dog organizations. 


Project2Heal leverages the healing power of dogs to provide physical and emotional healing to those in need. Project2Heal currently serves 13 service dog organizations throughout the country and countless families in the greater Charlotte area. A Project2Heal puppy can reduce the cost of providing a service dog by $6000-$8000 on a total cost of between $25,000-$30,000.