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Behailu Academy: Not the art class you remember

My favorite memories from high school are from my art class. It was the part of my day that allowed me to be creative and expressive, or quiet and thoughtful. Yet as much as I treasured that time, and my all-time favorite art teacher Mrs. Little, I suspect the students at Behailuh Academy benefit a lot more from the programs they attend today.

It's time to #summerSHARE

Summer is a tough time for many nonprofits. While the needs of their clients and programs may rise, giving is often down. #summershareCLT - which is the first campaign of its kind in Charlotte - will give everyone a chance to send need on a vacation!

We hope you'll join us, along with 49 local nonprofits who are working to make our community even more amazing!

Here are three easy ways to find out what #summershareCLT is all about:

Smarty SHARE: Thread Trail

In case you missed it, here's one of our popular Smarty Sunday SHARE posts from May:

  • The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man. ~Author Unknown

The weather is warm, summer is almost here, and it’s time to hit the trail – the Carolina Thread Trail, that is. This regional network is much more than a lonely hiking trail or bike path. It’s a local gem that reaches 15 counties and 2.3 million people.

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SHARE Charlotte is here to help you do good in Charlotte - in any way that works for you.

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Smarty SHARE: Hospice

In case you missed it, here's one of our popular Smarty Sunday SHARE posts from May:

What do Play-Doh and Hospice have in common? Not much, at first glance. But as I paged through the Give Shop this week I saw that Hospice uses Play-Doh to help entertain children who come to visit loved ones staying at in-patient facilities.

That stopped me short. I love the mission of Hospice. They do the work of the angels, in my opinion. Now I’d found a way that I could give back in a way that worked for my schedule, and my heart. Click. Play-Doh shipped.

Behind the Scenes: Heart Math Tutoring (part 2)

A note from SHARE: This is Part 2 of a 2-part guest post from our friends at Heart Math Tutoring. Part 1 gave the full scoop on the critical needs their volunteers address (check it out here). This final post will give you the low-down on exactly what it’s like to be a tutoring volunteer.

Why math tutoring? Isn’t literacy more important?

Smarty SHARE: Child Care Resources

In case you missed it, here's one of our popular Smarty Sunday SHARE posts from April:


  • Wonder, rather than doubt, is the root of all knowledge. – Abraham Joshua Heschel

I’m thinking about “little wonders” as I write this post. My youngest niece just turned four. Each day I see her make connections, learn and yes – wonder.

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