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Making Connections Easy

Written by Admin    on April 26, 2013

Sometimes the hardest part of connecting is getting started. When Chris Manley was searching for a way to honor the passing of a co-worker's family member, he wasn't sure where to begin. He decided to start with SHARE Charlotte. 

"I started by looking for non-profits who work with kids. I was drawn to the idea of helping out a child in honor of another life being cut short," explained Chris. "I am a musician, and my co-worker is an artist, so I went the arts and culture direction." 

After scrolling through some of the great non-profits on SHARE Charlotte, Chris came across Community School of the Arts. From there, it was as simple as clicking on the "donate" button.

Behind the Scenes

Written by Admin    on April 4, 2013

Filming our Where's SHARE series of videos is one of the best parts of our jobs! We get to meet people in our community that are brave (standing in front of a camera takes guts!), patient (it usually doesn’t happen in just one take), and committed (each of them works every day to make the world just a little better).

It's a humbling experience, and one that is made entirely possible by the gracious help we've received from some talented friends. In particular, we'd like to thank our producer Pam Miller. Without her help and guidance, we would probably be using our iPhones to video, and singing the musical intro. It would be bad, very bad. Thanks Pam!

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