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Different Roads Takes a Different Path

Written by Admin    on November 15, 2013

This guest post from one of our partner non-profit organizations, Different Roads Home, gives you a look into their mission and how you can get involved. Check out the special promotion for SHARE Neighbors at the end.

At Different Roads Home, we strongly believe in the work SHARE is doing in Charlotte.  The idea of connecting neighbors to local causes as a means to create a more engaged community seems so simple in theory, yet as SHARE founder Kelly Brooks attests, the Queen City’s nonprofit world has not always been one that is easily navigated.

Enjoy the experience

Written by Admin    on September 4, 2013

Jane Miles is all energy. Her bright blue eyes dance as she talks about her long volunteer career with Blumenthal Performing Arts. The former Associate Director at UNC Urban Institute describes her volunteer experience by comparing it with Maslow's Hierachy of Needs. "Just a few levels up from the most basic needs you'll see the need for socialization," she explains. "That's what volunteering initially gave me." 

Your Next Adventure

Written by Admin    on August 27, 2013
Close your eyes and think about this: what does a volunteer do? Answer phones? Serve meals? Build a house?

You're right. Volunteering your time can involve all of those things. But it can also be a completely different experience. In fact, there's really no end to the variety of volunteer roles available in our community.