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#SpotlightOnCLT Black Philanthropy Month 2022

#SpotlightOnCLT: Black Philanthropy Month

What is Black Philanthropy Month?

Black Philanthropy Month (BPM), held every August, was created in 2011 by Dr. Jackie Bouvier Copeland and the Pan-African Women’s Philanthropy Network as a global concerted campaign to elevate African-descent giving and funding equity.

BPM culminates with a giving day on August 28 initiated by Young, Black and Giving Back Institute to promote financial support for Black-led and Black-benefiting grassroots organizations. 

What is #BPM2022CLT?

#BPM2022CLT is a collaborative initiative led by NGAAP Charlotte (New Generation of African American Philanthropists), to observe BPM and celebrate Black giving and advocate racial funding equity in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. 

Throughout August, #BPM2022CLT will encourage and promote community-wide participation by:

  • Illuminating fresh stories on Charlotte’s Black-led, Black-benefitting nonprofits, profiling who they are and why they matter.

  • Engaging community members and nonprofit leaders with a variety of virtual and in-person events to heighten awareness and make connections.

  • Channeling donation dollars and match resources to benefit Black-led nonprofits

  • Culminating the month-long campaign with a concerted giving day on August 28 called “CLT Gives Black”. Learn more about the significance of August 28 here

What is SHARE Charlotte’s role in #BPM2022CLT?

Throughout the month of August we will be dedicating all our content and social media channels, as well as leveraging our community, corporate and media partnerships, to help celebrate and encourage Black philanthropy.

Specifically, our monthly #SpotlightOnCLT will illuminate the work of many of our 120+ Black-led, Black-benefitting nonprofit partners and feature stories that will educate our community about the racial inequities that exist - even in philanthropy - as well as highlight the importance of supporting Black-led organizations.

We’ll be highlighting these nonprofits all month long, so be sure to follow us on all of our social channels.  

Learn about many of the #BPM2022CLT nonprofits below, or click here for the full list:

The Center for Community Transitions, Inc has a mission to strengthen the community by helping people with criminal records and their families find a healthier and more productive quality of life. The agency provides employment and transition services; supportive alternatives to incarceration; and strengthens family bonds through 3 major programs.

“Representation matters. Although over 80% of clients (and staff) are Black, CCT was a white-led nonprofit from its founding in 1974 until the agency hired a black-woman as the executive director in 2020.”    

Champion House Of Care Project One Inc has a mission to teach adults with disabilities how to give back to the homeless community. They strive to reduce the extreme challenges that homeless families endure. They provide resources for essential daily needs, food, clothing, education and job training.    

“Champion House of Care wants the community to know that CHoC wants to provide opportunities, showing that everyone can prosper when they are given love, care and compassion. When these components collide the individuals are made stronger, but it only happens when barriers and stigma are removed from the individual.”

Above and Beyond Tutoring’s primary focus is to reach at-risk students of low-socioeconomic background for whom traditional one-to-one tutoring services are beyond their means.  The main challenge is making personalized tutoring affordable for all students.     

“Many of the students that can not afford personalized students are African American.  Above and Beyond Tutoring has tutored many students that struggle in Mathematics not because of their cognition, but because their classroom environment was not conducive to learning. The services A&BT provides builds confidence and mathematical abilities.”    

Code2College wants to dramatically increase the number of minority and low-income high school students enter and excel in STEM undergraduate majors and careers.  Historically, many underrepresented students who initially declare a STEM major exit those fields in droves by switching to a non-STEM major or dropping out of college altogether.

Code2College students identify as 76% Black or Hispanic; 53% girls; 51% economically disadvantaged; and 36% first-generation college students. With over 250 students placed into paid technical summer internships since 2016, Code2College is scaling nationally with goals to place 500 diverse, talented, high school interns into paid technical internships by 2023. 

Hearts and Hands Food Pantry exists because they believe food is a basic human right. Every single person regardless of circumstances, age, ethnicity, and beliefs needs nutritious food daily.    

“It is very important to us and to all that we serve that we are black-led and black-benefitting. The community sees that we are caring for our own and have been doing this consistently for 5 years. They have also seen how we have grown and persevered. We take very seriously being an example, a beacon of light in our community and a model for standing in the gap.”    

WYTV7 Community Broadcasters Network, INC educates, empowers, and encourages one person at a time to help that person find the resource they need.  WYTv7 is currently Fighting Financial Illiteracy. The Financial Literacy Training Program is being piloted to CMS high schools this fall. The program, known as Financially Lit&Fit, helps create the next generation of young entrepreneurs and community leaders. 

“As the country and the state of North Carolina experiences low unemployment numbers there is a growing sense of excitement about the future.  But sadly many of our youth residing in disadvantaged communities in the Charlotte area do not share that sense of excitement. They do not share the same sense of HOPE that many adults feel because they don’t honestly believe that they will be able to participate in the growing economy.  Too many of our youth don’t see the point in working hard and getting a good education because they don’t believe it will pay off financially.”    

Gracious Hands Transitional Housing provides each mother and her children with resources and solutions to move them from homeless to housing and self -sufficiency, loving them back to life.  Gracious Hands Transitional Housing is not just a place to call home, but a place to heal.  

Youth Development Initiatives help disadvantaged high schoolers make individualized pathway plans out of poverty via evidence-based after school programming combining life skills, career exploration/advice, vocational trades instruction, mentoring, and real-world work experiences.   

“I am a black man that established this non-profit organization 19 years ago to particularly provide disadvantaged teens (like myself growing up) the critical guidance and developmental life experiences to inform, strengthen, and support their decision-making in the present that would result in an upwardly- mobile economic future.” - Darryl Bego

Camping With Cradle provides camping/backpacking/hiking outings for underserved minority youth in Charlotte.  Camping with Cradle attempts to solve the lack of diversity and access to the local outdoor spaces, focusing on Black/Brown and minority first time campers. All outings are free of cost to the participants. 95% of the participants are first time campers and have never slept outside before.     

Cops & Barbers - The core program is the Cops & Barbers Scholarship Program, which is open to young men and women ages 16-25 who have an interest in the barbering profession but lack the financial resources necessary to attend school.    Cops & Barbers solves the challenge of the disadvantaged student by providing an opportunity to obtain a trade, which in turn can provide them with the tools necessary for upward mobility.  

“We would like the community to know that we are serious about supporting our youth and providing them positive opportunities to provide for themselves and their families the sustainability of a viable career. It is important that the community knows that our organization is open to all recent high school graduates and that we support them throughout the entire process from signing up for barber school through the first haircut they provide in the barbershop after obtaining their licensure.”

Girl Talk Foundation, Inc. helps transform the lives of girls ages 11-16 through character-building programs, developing self-awareness, self-management and social competence, leading them to become a self-aware, self-managed and socially competent woman.

“Being a black-led and black-benefiting organization to the community allows our teen girls a brave space where they can be heard not just seen.”

Faith in Action Community and Educational Transition (FACET) Services, Inc. has a mission to educate, equip, and empower homeless women so that they can transition toward a life of independence.  FACET believes that encouraging homeless women after the transition is key to them sustaining themselves.  As a result, FACET is starting up a mentorship program to encourage and support women at their partner sites for a year after they transition .     

“FACET was founded by a black woman. Our support of homeless women in transition spans all races; although the majority of the women supported have been black.”

The Harvest Center of Charlotte creates a community for individuals affected by homelessness, poverty, and unemployment, empowering them through transitional programs and transformed by the love and ministry of Jesus Christ.     

“We have the unique ability to meet people where they are at no matter their race or ethnicity. Our black-led organization is strategically positioned to help our most vulnerable neighbors.  Executive Director Colin Pinkney and Business Operations Director Tomi King have over 50 years of experience in developing teams that transform lives in the community.”

Cross Country for Youth - To impact the lives of youth with the skills they need to run Cross-Country and to live healthy lives with character. CCY provides youth with a curriculum of Character, Nutrition and Social-Emotional education.

“It's important for our youth and adults to see black-led organizations in leadership positions. It lets everyone know we all can make a difference in our community.”    

Project BOLT - Project BOLT is a community-based organization located in Charlotte, NC whose mission is to improve the quality of life for underserved members in the community. BOLT is an acronym that stands for Building Outstanding Lives Together. 

"With intergenerational poverty negatively impacting the life trajectory of Charlotte youth, there have been many organizations and initiatives in the Charlotte community in the past producing mixed results. Disparities in marginalized communities have created a level of distrust between members of the community and larger institutions that seek to provide resources.  The leaders of this organization are past and current members of these communities and are still deeply rooted.  These connections better position us to learn the needs of the community and connect them to the needed resources to meet those needs.    “

Carolina Youth Coalition nurtures and propels high-achieving, under-resourced students to and through college. They seek to transform the life trajectory of students by helping them fulfill their promise through college and beyond.

 "With the pandemic and social unrest laying bare many inequities across Charlotte-Mecklenburg, there is an urgent need to move swiftly to remove under-resourced students’ barriers to college acceptance and graduation. Even before the pandemic, low-income students in Charlotte attended college at just 1/2 the rate of their medium and high income counterparts.  Over the next three years, CYC has set a goal of doubling the number of high school students it serves on an annual basis from 150 to 300!  72% of the families we serve identify as Black. We strive to make sure that we have leadership, staff, and volunteers who our students can see themselves in!”        

Family Mankind - Rehabilitation, restoration, & recovery for individuals, families, and communities impacted by domestic violence. Family Mankind’s goal is to end the cycles of abuse that are costing individuals, families, and communities their lives and legacies.  

“We are culturally competent and have a vested interest in the communities we serve because we are making a generational impact.”    

INTech Foundation’s mission is to inspire girls to innovate within the tech industry.  INTech is interested in closing the digital divide by encouraging non-traditional tech learning and application. 

“We are an organization that was founded and run by Black women who are primarily technologists, although we have expanded our team to include Black women who are in industries that are tech adjacent. Black women comprise 85% percent of our organization and are evenly distributed through all areas of leadership and staff.”

The FACTS Initiative has a mission to help children and families in traditionally underserved populations to achieve social and emotional well-being. They provide affordable, evidence-based, trauma-focused mental health therapy and partner with local nonprofits in order to reach more at-risk youth and families in marginalized communities. 

“Many times black and brown children and families suffer cycles of abuse, dysfunction, victimization, and/or struggles with managing mental health symptoms. These families often do not receive adequate support due to gaps in the mental health care system, culturally based apprehension about receiving care, and/or limited access to the services they need. The FACTS Initiative's services are designed to address all of these barriers to ensure those from marginalized communities have access to quality mental health care.”

1,2,3 JUMP’s mission is to promote health & fitness, foster education, connect families, and motivate communities! They host contagiously fun jump rope programs, camps, classes, and special events that encourage children ages 8 - 14 to #LiveActive through jumping rope!     

“As a black female founder, I understand that representation matters; you must see it to believe that you can be it! By pouring into communities of color, we are investing in our children, which in turn will help build healthier adults, families, and communities overall!"

Right Moves For Youth helps students in grades 6-12 make the most out of their education, connections, and opportunities to set themselves up for future success. Right Moves For Youth is an organization that builds better lives through extraordinary relationships. 

“Black and brown youth within the communities we serve are at a greater disadvantage for lower education attainment and socio-economic stability which are linked to youth violence, a public health issue around the world and prominent here in Charlotte. Using a group counseling model, RMFY helps students come to school, do the right things, strengthen social skills, and get ready for college and the workforce.  In our program, students grow together and build positive relationships to excel academically, socially and emotionally!”    

The Arts Empowerment Project’s mission is to break the cycles of violence and trauma through arts opportunities that ignite change in vulnerable youth and create a community that gives every child arts experiences that broaden horizons, foster resilience and build essential life skills.

“Founded in 2011, TAEP began the difficult process of fundraising in Charlotte as an African-American led organization seeking to serve primarily children of color. It took TAEP until 2014 to build capacity to begin offering programs. Since its first pilot program in 2014, The Arts Empowerment Project has reached over 2,000 students who are court-involved and at-risk through its six flagship programs: Encounters Life Skills Seminars, Promoting Peace + Justice, Culinary Arts Boot Camp, Arts Access, HeART Packs, and Free Art Friday. "        

S.T.A.R.S. Math & English Academy improves student’s foundational skills in math, English, and reading using a balanced curriculum that focuses on academic rigor while enriching these subjects with soft skills.    

“Last school year, 91% of S.T.A.R.S. students identified as Black or African American.  In addition, the S.T.A.R.S. Academy is run by two black males that graduated from Morehouse College and earned M.B.A. degrees. Moreover, S.T.A.R.S. provided over 4600 free student hours of instructional programming last year.  As a result, S.T.A.R.S. has been recognized for five years straight as a top math provider by the Expertise rating agency.”        

UMBA Bright Stars, Inc. has a mission to bring equity in academic achievement to One Bright Star Scholar at a time through after school and summer programs.                                                 
"Since it was established in 2017 by a retired Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools educator and principal, Pearlie Cureton-Thomas, UMBA Bright Stars (Bright Stars) has been at the forefront of advocating for better support systems for underserved students of color living within Charlotte's most disadvantaged communities.”

Our Daily Bread Foundation increases the wellbeing of (ex-offenders) “Trailblazers” while generating new opportunities for positive racial, social and economic inclusion.  The goal is to develop productive citizens, reduce recidivism and to save lives.    

“Being a black-led organization has been very beneficial in that we are better equipped to serve our target population because of our personal lived experiences.  In using a hands-on approach we are able to meet them where they are knowing that there is not a cookie cutter approach to solving all their challenges in life. As a black-led organization we help to fill the pipeline for job opportunities in our underserved communities.”

Hard Grinderz Kings Growing Kings Mentoring Program’s mission is to empower, educate and mentor families and youth with hands-on experiences through diverse recreational educational and fitness programming, aimed to build character while encouraging discovery of self and the world around them.     

"Hard Grinderz would love to let the community know that there are opportunities in our organization that you can come alongside us to better serve, volunteer and help families and youth through relatable and practical hands-on ways to build relationships and connection for true change and build trust in our community.” 

CMS Foundation - the official nonprofit partner for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. In their unique position as the trusted bridge between CMS and the philanthropic community, they leverage and steward private dollars to help the district achieve its highest strategic goals. The Foundation works to ensure that private investments have a meaningful, sustainable impact on public education in our community.

“Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is a diverse public school system. Nearly 40% of CMS students identify as Black/African-American. The foundation’s work focuses on supporting areas of high impact across the entire district to ensure every student has access to meaningful learning experiences and opportunities to succeed in school and beyond."

Greater Steps Scholars - to provide every youth living in Charlotte's public and subsidized communities an opportunity and expectation of a post-secondary education. It is their vision that financial access to a postsecondary education combined with emotional support and social capital will create viable paths to self-sufficiency and economic mobility for under-resourced students.

“The students we serve are usually black and brown. Having staff that look like them makes a huge difference when developing trust and rapport with students.”

First Gen Success’ mission is to offer a dynamic and ever-evolving program bridging the generational gap and lessening the constant economic disparities for high school girls who are on the path to be first generation college students.

“Through our program, minority students have greater opportunities for attaining a higher education. FGS impacts the economic mobility of low-income, African American communities through post-secondary education for high school seniors who will be the first in their families to receive a college degree.”

CineOdyssey Film Festival provides a platform and support for the works of BIPOC filmmakers through monthly screenings, workshops, panel discussions, and an annual three day event.    

“Despite technological advances in more affordable film equipment, Black and BIPOC filmmakers still face barriers that undermine equity in content development, financing, marketing, and distribution. CineOdyssey seeks to help level the playing field by creating events, programming, and services that address, encourage, and support filmmakers toward excellence in their professional and artistic development. The next goal for CineOdyssey is to leverage and broaden relationships with other local Black led non profits that are not in the arts space.”

Charlotte Angels’ mission is to walk alongside children, youth, and families in the foster care community by offering consistent support through intentional giving, relationship building, and mentorship.    

Charlotte Angels is a black-led organization serving youth and families experiencing foster care.    

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas - To create and support one to one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth. BBBS of Central Carolinas empowers youth to help them realize their full potential.    

“I am the first Black CEO for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas.  The majority of the children we serve are Black and Brown youth. Our programs, family support, and services benefit from having a person of colors' perspective at a leadership level. It is also very important for young people to see someone who looks like them in key positions. It lets them know that they can do it too.”

Center 360 is a grassroots non-profit organization that provides a holistic approach to career development. With an aim to empower middle school students who are at-risk of disengaging from school, Center 360 provides life skills training, personal development, and career enrichment activities.    


“Our focus is intentional on the youth and families who reside in the West Corridor of Charlotte. This community has been underserved, yet has so many rich, brilliant minds waiting for someone to tap into it.”

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