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How YOU Can Be Part of Charlotte's Legacy

2019 is Charlotte's 250th anniversary (CLT250) and an opportunity for Charlotte to recognize our past, understand our present and imagine our future, together.  For SHARE Charlotte, imaging our future means supporting our local nonprofits, who play a significant role in strengthening our city.  So we invited our nonprofit partners to tell us how our community - local businesses, corporations, foundations, groups and individuals, can support their vision for CLT250.  

The below #CLT250 Legacy Projects have been designed to leave a lasting legacy on Charlotte. Many Legacy Projects have already been completed, however we would like to challenge you, our generous community, to join is in making sure every project below is supported this year.  

Interested in one of these CLT250 Legacy Projects below? Contact us and we will connect you with the organization!


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Who: The Charlotte Mecklenburg Housing Partnership (The Housing Partnership) is a nonprofit housing development and financial corporation that provides affordable housing in stable neighborhoods for low and moderate income families in Charlotte.

The Project: A beautification effort consisting of minor landscaping around the housing units that are a part of the Housing Partnership.

  • Volunteer Component: Each housing unit needs 250 new shrubs and perennial plants in the flower beds. Volunteers will clear plant beds, remove any old plantings, use weed barriers and soil to install new shrubs and perennials, and spread mulch.

  • Financial Component:  This project requires $3,500 for the purchasing of plants and supplies.

Lasting Impact: This project will instill collective pride and sense of community for the Housing Partnership residents. The new landscaping encourages collective ownership among the tenants for upkeep of the grounds which fosters engagement and responsibility.

When: This project will take place Saturday, May 4 through Sunday May 5, 2019.


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Who: Justice Initiatives (JI) educates the community about the court systems and advocates for the court system’s needs and interests.

The Project: To enroll 250 individuals in the JI Court Camp for children and Court College for adults and raise money for JI Court Camp and College scholarships.

  • Volunteer Component: NA

  • Financial Component: This project requires $5,000 to provide partial scholarships to Court Camp and College participants.

Lasting Impact: Justice Initiatives wants to enrich and engage current and emerging electorates in Charlotte though education about the importance of a healthy court system.

When: This project is currently ongoing through June 1, 2019.

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Who: Good Soles provides steel toe work boots to men and women in need, with the goal of providing them with a resource to obtain a job and become self sustaining.

The Project: To pack 250 shoe boxes that will be donated to organizations to be distributed to those in need.

  • Volunteer Component:  Volunteers will pack each box with 2 pairs of socks each and inscribe “You Are Beloved” inside of every box, in addition to optional words of encouragement and/or a picture. Volunteers will also deliver the complete boxes to partnering organizations to be distributed.

  • Financial Component: This project requires $1,000 to purchase steel toe boots and slip resistant shoes.

Lasting Impact: This project aims to uplift those in need by providing a necessary resource as well as encouragement as they transition into the job market.

When: This project will take place the week of Monday, May 6 through Friday, May 10, 2019.

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Who: GenerationNation provides a new generation of civic leaders with the opportunity to build civic literacy and leadership through a variety of K-12 programs and initiatives.

The Project: Charlotte students will learn about their city and document and share their wishes, ideas, and love for Charlotte via written text, images, and video ("love letters").

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will work with students  to talk about CLT’s history, present, and future (educational material provided by GenerationNation), and assist students in considering, celebrating, and sharing what they love about CLT as well as their wishes for the city's future through written text, images, and videos.

  • Financial Component: $2,500-5,000 required for program coordination and materials including worksheets, curriculum, markers, presentation material, and collection, processing, and sharing of student product.

Lasting Impact: Students will share what they love about their city and their wishes for the city's future. This real-life experience will build civic literacy, narrow learning opportunity gaps, and tell the story of Charlotte through the eyes, hearts, and minds of a new generation of civic leaders.


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Who: Let Me Run provides programs that encourage boys to express a full set of emotions, develop deep, close relationships and be vulnerable.

The Project: Let Me Run would like to provide 250 scholarships for their new program targeted at third grade boys.

  • Volunteer Component:  50 new volunteer coaches.

  • Financial Component: This project requires $31,250 to fund 250 scholarships for the new third grade program.

Lasting Impact: This project will allow participants to experience what it is like to be in an environment where they are fully supported and encouraged to express a full set of emotions. Boys who complete a Let Me Run program are less stressed, have increased confidence to lead and try new things. This will lead to healthier children in Charlotte and ultimately a more peaceful and productive community.

When: This project begins in Fall 2019 and continues through Spring 2020.


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Who: Men’s Shelter of Charlotte provides safe emergency shelter while working to end homelessness for each man.

The Project: To collect much needed items for Men Shelter guests.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will collect 250 pairs of new boxers/boxer briefs (sizes Large - 3XL), or 250 new full bath towels. Alternately, groups can collect and assemble 250 intake kits to provide new shelter guests with much-needed items (new bath towels, new pillow and pillow case, new shower shoes, and a key lock for their lockers).

  • Financial Component: For those who prefer to make a financial donation, $250 will sponsor a hot breakfast for men in the Men’s Shelter, which can be provided at any point this year.  

Lasting Impact: This project is intended to combat male homelessness by providing basic needs to Men’s Shelter guests that allows them to transition out of homelessness.

When: This project will take place Wednesday, May 1 through Friday, May 24, 2019; sponsored breakfasts can be provided throughout 2019.

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Who: Bears Behind the Badge/Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Dept is a reading program for grades K-3 that emphasizes reading, writing, and police relations with children. Officers bring donated books and stuffed animals to classrooms in Charlotte that serves as their ‘reading buddy’.

The Project: This project entails collecting donated stuffed animals and books for the Bears Behind the Badge Program as well as volunteering in classroom affiliated with the program.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will provide stuffed animals and books for the program. Alternately, volunteers can sort and clean books, or attend a sessions where police officers are reading to children.

  • Financial Component: NA, but donations are accepted

Lasting Impact: This project aims to increase literacy in children and strengthen the bond between children and police in Charlotte.

When: In progress and ongoing throughout 2019.


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Who: Animal Adoption League helps place homeless dogs and cats into loving homes by providing an alternative to high-kill shelters.


The Project: This project is to rescue 250 cats and dogs during 2019 through fostering/adopting, donating to vet needs, or transporting.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers can help at adoption events, fundraising events, and donate food, beds, toys, litter and money for vet expenses and training. Alternately, volunteers can become a foster home for rescued dogs and cats.

  • Financial Component:  This project will require $75,000 to cover the vet expenses for 250 animals.

Lasting Impact:  Animal Adoption League plans to spread awareness about animal rescue on social media by posting about this project and educating the public on pet ownership and the importance of spaying and neutering their pets.

When: January through December, 2019


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Who: YMCA of Greater Charlotte is committed to being a positive force in the community by addressing critical community-wide needs and providing free or low cost services.

The Project: To gather 250 YMCA Y Readers “reading buddies” to  help students learn how to read and act as a supportive role model to other students.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will be a “reading buddy” and Read with students once a week for 6 weeks and serving as a supportive role model during the Y’s summer literacy camp.

  • Financial Component: Each student in Y readers costs $1,450. All programming is offered to families at no cost; it is fully funded by individual gifts, corporate donations, and grants. Funding is appreciated, but recruiting volunteers is the primary goal of this project.

Lasting Impact: As a Read Charlotte partner, the YMCA is committed to doubling the percentage of Charlotte-Mecklenburg third graders reading on grade level to 80% by 2025.

When: This project takes place in late June through early August 2019

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Who: ANSWER Scholarship helps mothers earn a college degree while instilling a desire for education in their children.

The Project: ANSWER Scholarship is hosting a Community Innovations Workshop for the public showcasing women in nontraditional roles that 250 people will attend. The workshop will feature a panel of women and guest speakers who will share their professional journey to inspire women to pursue their professional goals.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will promote this community event through social media, or be speakers on a panel at the event.  Alternately volunteers can mingle and welcome guests before and after the event to help grow awareness for ANSWER Scholarship.

  • Financial Component: This project requires $1,000 for food and venue space.

Lasting Impact: This event will increase public recognition of women's professional development in the Charlotte region. The goal is for attendees to learn about a diverse range of career choices that allow them to become financially independent.

When: This project will begin by April 1 at the soonest and run through September 30, 2019.


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Who: KIPP Charlotte is a free, open-enrollment, college preparatory public school that serves communities that are traditionally underserved and marginalized in education.

The Project: This project will provide books for elementary and middle school students at KIPP Charlotte.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will donate a collective 250 new and gently used books for elementary and middle school students as a part of KIPP Charlotte’s Book Drive.

  • Financial Component: N/A

Lasting Impact: This project provides books that can be used year over year to continually ignite curiosity, spark the imagination, and open young minds to limitless possibilities.

When: This project is currently ongoing through September 1, 2019.


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Who: Child Proof Advice is dedicated to providing parents and child care takers with the education and resources to create a safe, child-friendly environment.

The Project: To  provide 250 duffel bags full of child proofing equipment to first time mothers that are part of the Department of Social Services Care Ring/ Nurse Family Partnership.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will fill duffel bags with child safety equipment and deliver them to the recipients.

  • Financial Component: This project requires $14,000 for duffle bags and child-proofing supplies and devices.

Lasting Impact: This project will provide first time parents with the child safety education and products necessary to protect their first child from injury. This knowledge can protect current and future generations of children from harm.

When: This project will begin in May and continue through December 2019.

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Who: Carolina Farm Trust is dedicated to assisting local farms acquire land, funds, and sustainable energy in order to compete with corporate farming.

The Project: Carolina Farm Trust is going to build The Urban Farm at Aldersgate, a 6.7 acre farm in East Charlotte. This location will be open to other nonprofits to host their programming and serve as a safe space for children to do homework and interact with the farm. This project will assist in getting the farm ready for the public.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will plant trees, fruit bushes, build a farm stand, and clean up brush and walkways on the farm.

  • Financial Component:  This project requires $250,000 to continue constructing the urban farm.

Lasting Impact: Through this new urban farm, Charlotte can use food and agriculture as a common denominator to unite people, work towards economic development, and address upward mobility.

When: This project is currently in progress and ongoing throughout 2019.

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Who: Teaching Fellows Institute recognizes and honors the Charlotte area’s outstanding teachers and provides opportunities that further develop their leadership and professional expertise to promote retention of these effective educators.

The Project: This project will collect 250 books chosen by Teaching Fellows teachers that will then be donated for use in their classrooms.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will hand out collected books to classrooms, and depending on the teacher, read or help with book discussions in class.

  • Financial Component: This project requires $5,000 to purchase books to be donated to classrooms.

Lasting Impact: Teachers will be encouraged to select books related to Charlotte/NC history which will lead to a greater understanding of Charlotte’s history and more informed citizens.

When: This project will begin this summer and run through December 2019.


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Who: Charlotte Knights Charities is the philanthropic effort of the Charlotte Knights that uses baseball to strengthen and support Charlotte-area community programs.

The Project: This project will outfit 250 youth baseball players with gently used or new baseball cleats. This project is intended to help kids who otherwise wouldn't have access to cleats.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will donate gently used cleats that will then be distributed by Knights staff and players.

  • Financial Component: NA

Lasting Impact: This project would provide one of the primary tools that make it possible for Charlotte youth to play baseball. The Charlotte Knights Foundation aims to make baseball an accessible sport for all.

When: This project will take place April through September 2019.

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Who: North Carolina Wildlife Federation (NCWF) works to protect the natural environment through conservation work, research and education, and keeping wild places accessible to the public.

The Project: This project will get 250 youth enrolled and engaged in NCWF's Great Outdoors University where they will explore the outdoors through hiking, fishing, canoeing and exploring nature.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will assist in leading experiential based conservation education programs including a variety of activities such as, nature walks, stream exploration, outdoor survival skills, farming, nature observation skills, and fishing.

  • Financial Component: This project will require $12,500 to facilitate camp events and activities.

Lasting Impact: The Great Outdoors University has 20 curriculum options aligned with STEAM programming and  encourages continued learning and environmental stewardship.

When: This project will begin in May and run through September 2019.

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Who: Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is committed to instilling a love of nature through expansive gardens and education initiatives for all generations.

The Project: The Garden will celebrate Earth Day 2019 by hosting a large clean up effort for their grounds followed by a party/gathering for volunteers.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will work with garden staff to learn about invasive species and proper removal techniques as well as participate in the maintenance of the woodland trails that surround the garden.

  • Financial Component: NA

Lasting Impact: This project will help the Garden to maintain a community resource that can be used and enjoyed by future generations. It will also teach volunteers the importance of sustainability and preserving our local environment.

When: This project will take place on Saturday, April 13, 2019.


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Who: Digi-Bridge provides shareholders with the opportunity to use technology in a learning environment, which provides learners a the education to succeed in the digital age.

The Project: This project will allow Digi-Bridge to serve 250 new scholars through their STEAM programs such as #STEAMSaturdays or Code-Ins.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will organize and participate in Code-Ins, and refill bins/lego kits upon completion of a course series.

  • Financial Component: This project will require $5,000 to fund the programs.

Lasting Impact: This project will increase digital literacy among K-8 learners and increase Charlotte’s pool of technologically skilled talent.

When: This project is currently in progress and ongoing throughout 2019.

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Who: Hope Haven provides a supportive temporary residential facility for those that are homeless due to a chemical dependency and their affected family members.

The Project: To acquire 250 beds to be used in their facilities.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers can choose to purchase and or assemble purchased beds with a frame, mattress, and pillow.

  • Financial Component: To completely fund this project and purchase 250 beds, the cost is $62,500, however, donors can purchase individual beds for $250 each.

Lasting Impact: This project will provide beds for those struggling with addiction. Each bed will allow a resident to have a safe place to sleep so they can focus on recovery, looking for a full time job, and moving into permanent housing.

When: This project begins April 26 and will be ongoing throughout 2019.

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Who: Project Outpour provides mobile showers to those who are homeless.

The Project: To participate in the “No Shower Challenge: 2.50,” which will raise awareness for homeless citizens in Charlotte that do not have access to proper hygiene.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will pledge to not shower for 2.5 days and document using photos or videos, how they are feeling during the process.

  • Financial Component: NA

Lasting Impact: This challenge gives (housed) people the opportunity to understand and empathize with homeless individuals over a shared experience - not showering for a certain amount of time. Connecting people, housed and unhoused, through such a shared experience will help bring awareness to the important issue of hygiene and dignity that's a right of every human being, regardless of circumstance.

When: May 1- 4


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Who: First Responders 1st is a chaplaincy program aimed at providing emotional and spiritual support to first responders in Charlotte.

The Project: To provide emotional and spiritual support for local first responders through mental health awareness and spiritual guidance if desired.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will be trained to handle mental health matters and will assist first responders in spiritual and emotional healing.

  • Financial Component: This project will require $10,000 in funding.

Lasting Impact: To reduce the amount of suicides among Charlotte first responders and help them become holistically healthy.

When: This project is currently in progress and ongoing throughout 2019.

NOTE: First Responders 1st is not a 501c3.

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Who: TreesCharlotte exists to collaborate, grow, diversify, and steward Charlotte’s urban forest.

The Project: To help Charlotteans become ‘tree smart’ by creating tree ID boards that will be posted throughout Charlotte parks and greenways during Earth Week. Each sign will feature the tree's name and one fascinating fact.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will work with arborists to place the signs and, later, collect them.

  • Financial Component:  This project will require $5,000 to create the tree ID boards.

Lasting Impact: Since Charlotte calls itself the City of Trees, TreesCharlotte would like for Charlottean know more about their environment. This project will help citizens will cultivate appreciation and become better advocates for the planting and preservation of trees.

When: This project will take place during Earth Week 2019, April 22-28.


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Who: Carolina Thread Trail is a regional network on connected greenways, blueways, and trails that connects 15 counties around the Carolinas. The Thread Trail preserves local natural areas and allows for the public to explore nature, culture, science, and history.


The Project: ‘250 Kids on Trails’ will provide kid-focused guided, educational nature walks and bike rides on the Carolina Thread Trail greenway and natural surface trail segments in Mecklenburg County.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers can become trained thread trail ambassadors and assist the program coordinator with implementing these programs.

  • Financial Component: This project will require $2,500-$5,000 to fund the educational program.

Lasting Impact: By connecting children to Charlotte’s trail and greenway system, this project will encourage a healthy lifestyle, appreciation of regional green spaces, and increase community interest in the continuation of trail initiatives in Charlotte.

When: This project is currently in progress and ongoing throughout 2019.


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Who: Carolina Thread Trail is a regional network on connected greenways, blueways, and trails that connects 15 counties around the Carolinas. The Thread Trail preserves local natural areas and allows for the public to explore nature, culture, science, and history.

The Project: ‘250 Volunteers on Trails’ will engage community residents, organizations, social groups, and corporate teams from Charlotte in advancing and stewarding segments of Carolina Thread Trail in and around Charlotte.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will use hand tools to build trails, clear trail sight lines, remove invasive plant species, plant trees, plant pollinator habitats, and remove trail side debris.

  • Financial Component: This project does not require funding, but any donations made up to $5,000 will benefit this project.

Lasting Impact: This project provides an opportunity for residents to take ownership of their outdoor spaces and helps them feel connected to and empowered in shaping their community.

When: This project is currently in progress and ongoing throughout 2019.

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Who: EmpowHERment  offers programs to girls that give them access to local community and corporate female leaders, mentors, internships, careers, and educational opportunities.

The Project: The EmpowHERment Teen Summit is an annual event for girls in grades 6-12 that builds and strengthen the skillset, talents and networks of our community’s future emerging female leader. This summit provides exposure to educational and economic opportunities, leadership and team building sessions, workshops, panel discussions and community service.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will help with event planning, and interact with participants during the event through mentorship and informing attendees about job and community service opportunities..

  • Financial Component: This project will require $20,000 to fund this event.

Lasting Impact: This project will increase EmpowHERment’s reach to serve more girls with this annual event and create a sustainable network of women supporting women, and girls supporting girls.


When: This project will take place on Saturday, September 21.


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Who: Charlotte is Creative develops programs and initiatives that are meant to infuse Charlotte with creativity and empower creative entrepreneurs.

The Project: Charlotte Is Creative would like to award $250 HUG (Helpful Unfettered Gift) micro-grants to 250 creative individuals and initiatives at work in Charlotte. These micro-grants are intended to kick start creative ideas that can propel Charlotte into the future in big and small ways.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will support creatives with money, love, and council.

  • Financial Component: This project will require $30,000 to fund the 250 HUG grants.


Lasting Impact: HUGs are meant to give a small infusion of cash and a giant infusion of validation to jumpstart their creative endeavours and add vibrancy, color and pride throughout Charlotte.

When: This project is currently in progress and ongoing throughout 2019.


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Who: Safe Alliance provides hope and healing to those impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault through a continuum of services and care.

The Project: Camp HOPE is an innovative, evidence-based summer camp for child witnesses of domestic violence. During the camp each child is empowered through specific activities that challenge them to learn and grow. After camp, children reunite to participate in a and are encouraged to make goals and identify the steps they must take to achieve them.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will serve during the week of camp, help with follow-up activities, and organize items collected to be used during the week of camp.

  • Financial Component: This project will require $25,000 to fund 50 cumulative nights camp during the summers of 2019 and 2020


Lasting Impact: Safe Alliance’s goal with this project is to reduce the negative long-lasting impacts of domestic violence and break the intergenerational cycle of abuse.

When: This project is currently in progress and ongoing throughout 2019.

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Who: Camino Community Center equips low-income families in Charlotte to live healthy, hopeful, and productive lives through a variety of health and human services including a free health clinic, thrift store, and homeless outreach program.

The Project: To provide a support group for 250 Latinx community members who've experienced the death of a loved one, or loss of a family member due to deportation.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will offer childcare for participants who have young children, provide transportation options for participants who don't have access to a vehicle or don't live near the bus line or light rail, and provide snacks or food for participants.

  • Financial Component: This project will require $5,000 to fund the support group.

Lasting Impact: This project will help heal the lives of many individuals in the community who do not have the opportunity to receive this type of support due to lack of resources and bilingual facilitators that provide support.

When: This project will begin in April and run through August, 2019.


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Who: Dottie Rose Foundation encourages, supports, and educates young girls who are interested in technology and teaches them to use to enhance their future careers.

The Project: To send 250 girls through Dottie Rose STEM summer camps over the next 3 years.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will help lead, plan and organize summer camps.

  • Financial Component:  This project will require $25,000 to provide financial aid to camp attendees.


Lasting Impact: The Dottie Rose Foundation focuses on educating students with skills and knowledge through experience. Students will be able to relate the academic materials to their lives outside the classroom, interact with professionals, and integrate with the culture of the discipline. The goal is to educate this generation of females to be the leaders of tomorrow.

When: This project will the June 2019 through August 2021.


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Who: Classroom Central provides free school supplies to students in need in Charlotte.

The Project: To supply entire student bodies in high poverty schools with supply kits and backpacks through the Backpacks & Basics Program. This support will ensure these students arrive at school with needed supplies to effectively learn.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will build backpacks full of school supplies to be distributed through Classroom Central’s Backpacks and Basics program.

  • Financial Component:  Each backpack costs $35. To keep in the spirit of CLT250, donors can purchase 250 backpacks for $8,750, or 2,500 backpacks for $87,500.

Lasting Impact: The absence of basic school supplies can limit students' learning and development and contribute to an educational disadvantage. The Backpacks & Basics program guarantees that these students arrive at school with the supplies they need to effectively learn and complete their homework, while supporting their teachers so that they can be more effective instructors.


When: This project is currently in progress and ongoing through August 25, 2019.


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Who: The Exceptional Foundation of Charlotte provides social and recreational programming for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Project: To collect gas gift cards through the Summer Camp Support Project which will fuel expeditions during the summer camp which are an important aspect of The Exceptional Foundation’s programming.

  • Volunteer Component: NA

  • Financial Component: The project will require $500 in gas station gift cards which equates to 250 gallons of gas.

Lasting Impact: People with intellectual and developmental disabilities are at higher risk for loneliness, lack of exercise and related health problems, decreased social activities and disconnect from the community outside of their home.  250 gallons of gas will help The Exceptional Foundation to continue to provide quality programming to benefit not only the individuals they serve, but their families as well.


When:  This project will take place Monday, June 10 through Thursday, August 22.

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Who: The Lunch Project (TLP) is a local nonprofit with global reach that connects a child in the United States to the life of a child and a culture that is vastly different from theirs.

The Project: In partnership with another local organization, TLP would like to complete 250 service projects during the Legacy of Lunch Campaign. During the Legacy of Lunch Campaign, TLP will teach kids about their mission, the maasai culture, the importance of cultural respect, ways to put their empathy into action through creative problem solving, social entrepreneurship, and FUNdraising.

  • Volunteer Component: Child Volunteers, with the support of their families, will design and implement their own micro-fundraisers for TLP.

  • Financial Component: This project is seeking a corporate sponsor to provide $3,000 to offset the Financial of co-branded T-shirts (bearing the logo of the sponsor) for participating families.

Lasting Impact: TLP's Legacy of Lunch Campaign will leave the lasting impact of connection. By connecting children in the United States with their peers in Tanzania, TLP is creating an interwoven community across the globe. Their hope is to foster a new generation of culturally-conscious and empowered social entrepreneurs.

When: This project will take place Wednesday, May 1 through Wednesday, September 15.


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Who: Apparo provides technology for Charlotte nonprofits to enhance their services.

The Project: Apparo is seeking 250 hours of skilled volunteering in 2019 by providing volunteers opportunities to  provide technology education and solutions to Charlotte nonprofits in 2019.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers can serve as IT Coaches that help individual nonprofit employees solve small tech problems, instruct evening workshops or class series, serve as a project manager, or offer tech consulting to nonprofits.

  • Financial Component:  This project does not require funding.

Lasting Impact: By dedicating their time to use their professional skills to serve a nonprofit facing technical challenges, volunteers amplify the impact of local nonprofits, making Charlotte a better place to live.

When: This project is currently in progress and ongoing throughout 2019.


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Who: Charlotte Bilingual Preschool (CltBP) provides Charlotte’s Spanish-speaking children from economically marginalized families with high-quality, dual language early childhood education programming

The Project: To launch Community Connection 250, a project to connect Charlotte’s professional community with CltBP’s school community through 250 hours of coaching and training for CltBP families and staff that advance them in their professional careers.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will coach parents in Family Program, providing individual support focusing on skills that impact upward mobility. Volunteers can also support staff with one-on-one coaching to develop skill sets related to their specific job. Financial Component:  This project require $2,500 to fund staff professional development and technology needs in the Family Program.


Lasting Impact: Volunteers will benefit from increased cultural awareness while directly impacting a family’s future. These connections offer opportunities to build trust and bridge cultural divides that keep Latinx families separate from the larger community, building an equitable future in Charlotte.

When: This project will take place Saturday, April 6, 2019 through Sunday, June 30, 2020

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Who: Changed Choices helps women who have experienced incarceration lead restored lives marked by healthy decisions, contribution to the community and self sufficiency.

The Project: To achieve 250 hours of ‘Changing Our Outlook On Life (COOOL)’ mentoring. COOOL is a weekly mentoring program for young women who desire to make positive changes by working on strategies for successful living on the outside. Each week the mentee will meet with a mentor who is interested in listening to her story, concerns, and situation.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will become a Changed Choices mentor that meets weekly with her mentee for one hour in the jail. The mentor’s role is to provide support and encouragement and grow a relationship of trust.

  • Financial Component: Donations to Changed Choices for the funding of this project are encouraged.

Lasting Impact: COOOL’s impact can be seen in the women who had been incarcerated and changed their outlook on life with new skills that have allowed them to return successfully to the community.

When: This project is currently in progress and ongoing throughout 2019.


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Who: Elon Homes offers child development services that care for children from a variety of backgrounds and with a wide range of needs, strengths, opportunities, and dreams.

What: To acquire the funds to will furnish a room in Elon Homes Foster Care Village for a young woman aging out of the foster care system. A young woman who enrolls in the Village program either continues her education or seeks employment as she works toward self-sufficiency and a fulfilling life.

  • Volunteer Component: There are no hands-on volunteer services needed for this project

  • Financial Component: Volunteers can donate $250 which will provide a bed, mattress, wardrobe, desk and chair, dresser and bedside table.


Lasting Impact: Foster Care Village residents are provided a viable path toward independence and economic security. Mecklenburg County benefits as these youth achieve upward mobility and learn to be productive citizens contributing to the welfare of our community.

When: This project is currently in progress and ongoing through Sunday, June 30.


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Who: Charlotte Community ToolBank serves community-based organizations by providing tools, equipment, and expertise to empower their goals.

The Project: To provide the tools and special event items needed for 250 of the #CLT250 projects free of charge. A project will be defined as one activity within an event.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will help prepare tool orders for these projects. Additionally, volunteers or companies can hold tool and special event item drives to expand the ToolBank’s inventory.

  • Financial Component: This project will require $5,000 to cover the ToolBanks borrowing fees to allow the ToolBank to provide their services for local nonprofit’s #CLT250 projects free of charge.

Lasting Impact: This project removes a barrier for nonprofits participating in CLT250 by allowing access to tools and special event items without a borrowing fee.

When: This project is currently in progress and ongoing through Wednesday, July 3.


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Who: CMS Foundation raises money to support CMS strategic priorities by harnessing the power of private investment in education.

The Project: To provide new playgrounds and repairs to the CMS Elementary Schools that are in the most critical need.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will inventory nuts and bolts, lay out holes for new playgrounds and provide other assistance to the installation coordinators.

  • Financial Component: Funding for this project varies depending on the scope of the project. $50,000 can be used for repairs at several sites, while new playgrounds or challenge courses can range from $45,000 to $150,000.

Lasting Impact: The mission of health and physical education programs in CMS is to motivate students to participate in a personal fitness program and encourage responsible health decisions for a lifetime. As childhood obesity rates continue to rise, engaging playgrounds can play an important role in inspiring children to be active.

When: This project is currently in progress and ongoing throughout 2019.


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Who: Sol Nation promotes solutions to climate injustices and works to educate minorities about how they are impacted by their environment.

The Project: To provide ‘Charlotte Climate Justice Training’ to 250 participants in 2019. During this training, Sol Nation advocates for a greener and more sustainable economy and provides direct and achievable solutions that equip marginalized communities to make meaningful change.

  • Volunteer Component: Volunteers will participate in training and education sessions that will teach them to implement or create their own solutions to an array of climate justice based issues.

  • Financial Component:  This project will require $50,000 to fund the training.

Lasting Impact: This project will provide communities with the education necessary to positively affect their environment. Through this program, participants will connect to the environmental justice social movement which will increase the reach of Sol Nations message.

When: This project is currently in progress and ongoing throughout 2019.

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Who: SHARE Charlotte connects Charlotte to good! We make it fun and easy to invest in our community by providing  a one-stop shop to connect with 400+ local nonprofits at We also provide valuable resources to our nonprofit partners with a focus on education, collaboration and navigation. We believe by doing good, we create a stronger, happier Charlotte.

The Project:

  • Volunteer Component: Are you a savvy social media professional with influence in Charlotte?  Do you have a large social media following you could leverage for GOOD? Help us achieve 25K social media followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!  A larger following helps us spread the word further about all of the GOOD going on right here in CLT and allows us to encourage more Charlotteans to get invovled with our local nonprofit community. With just 4K more followers on Instagram, we can begin to leverage this platform in a new way by gaining the "swipe up" capability which would drive traffic directly to nonprofit websites, connecting even more people to local social good throughout our community. Across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter we have 15K followers - help us get 10K more!

  • Financial Component:  This project does not require funding, however with a $25,000 donation we can promote the needs of our 400+ Mecklenburg County nonprofit partners in front of hundreds of thousands more of Charlotteans via social media - an audience reach that our partners individually cannot achieve.  

Lasting Impact: Help us turn this social-media generation into Charlotte’s future philanthropists by connecting them today to Charlotte causes and organizations they will champion and support for years to come!

When: This project can kick off anytime and is ongoing through 2019.
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